Our Friends of the NRA Raffle

For those who bought tickets for our Bucks County Friend of the NRA 1911 raffle (and we thank each and every one of you who did), we did have our drawing last night for the three 1911s, and I am pleased to report that someone who got their ticket through our blog won the Kimber. This makes sense since we sold about 1/3rd of the 200 tickets in the raffle though the blog. In the interest of privacy, we won’t announce the winners names, but we will announce the winners had ticket numbers 25, 87, and 129. I thank everyone who played, because you really made an impact. As a new Friends of the NRA Committee, we have certain fundraising goals each year, and because of you all who entered, we exceeded that. Without you, we would have come in under our goal.

Our dinner, plus this raffle, allowed us to raise approximately $7600 for the NRA Foundation, half of which will stay in Eastern Pennsylvania, where it will be used to fund grants, most of which are related to youth shooting programs. Remember that every kid who learns to shoot, and learns proper and safe gun handling makes the anti-gunners cry, and that’s worth the price of entry even if you didn’t win.

We may do another raffle next year, or possibly one head of our dinner in spring. It has yet to be determined by our committee.

6 thoughts on “Our Friends of the NRA Raffle”

  1. Congrats to the winner! Congrats to the committee for achieving it’s lofty and wonderful $$ goals.

    I am the king of the silent auction, I can’t win anything. Of course, you have to play to win!!

  2. Shoot, I have to see if i can find my ticket. Can’t remember what number I had, but I think it was in the 20’s

    1. If Bitter didn’t contact you already, it wasn’t you. We kept track of all the tickets just in case one got lost in the mail, we still knew who had what so you could still win.

      1. More importantly, all the stubs entered into the drawing had names and contact information on them. :) So, no matter what, you were good if you won.

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