Shedding More Heavy Weights at the Brady Campaign

Today’s background “music” for Sebastian and I is listening to the C-SPAN airing of the Brady Center’s lunch with retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens. I noticed an interesting tidbit when Dan Gross introduced Jonathan Lowy as their legal rockstar. I couldn’t help but think that was a bit disrespectful to the organization’s top lawyer – Dennis Henigan.

Then, I realized that we had not heard from Dennis in quite a while. His HuffPo blog hasn’t been updated since August even though he typically updated it about once a month. More importantly, when I did things like click on the name “Dennis Henigan” on the Brady Center site, it went to a general news page with no articles by or about him. He also wasn’t on the biographies page even though the Brady Center certainly his domain since he worked on legal issues as opposed to legislation.

A little Googling later, and I see that Dennis Henigan has left his employer of 23 years without so much as an announcement from the organization thanking him for his contributions. He’s now working with Peter Hamm at the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids.

So, it’s very interesting to see these changes given what Dave Hardy posted about their finances of recent years.

17 thoughts on “Shedding More Heavy Weights at the Brady Campaign”

  1. It is wierd that these people seem born to restrict people. If it is not guns, it is something else.

  2. At least there is evidence that tobacco really does kill as many people as they say it does. The man is still a professional prude and an “uplifter” of the worst sort…

    I wonder how long it’ll take for Brady to completely cave? Maybe a pro-gun rights group can buy up their trademark, like the Comicbook Legal Defense Fund did with the Comics Code Authority stamp.

    1. I’m not sure this job shedding had everything to do with finances. I suspect it is easier to drop the bigger salaries first, but it just seems odd to me that they would consider it worthwhile to get rid of 23 years of institutional knowledge and knowledge of the history of anti-gun litigation. It seems even more odd to me that they wouldn’t even do a thank you press release for someone there that long that was recently their acting president.

      Something that caught my attention in the introductions today was a comment by Dan Gross that they were going to focus on going back to the essence of their mission. How far back is he talking? The Handgun Control, Inc. days? He mentioned not wanting to change, and I’m not quite sure what that meant. Given that the organization appears to have driven out everyone who actually acknowledged that they might possibly need to work around the restrictions Heller placed on their efforts, it really leaves me wondering if there is an effort to rid the group of those who are willing to accept some form of that reality.

      1. It looks like Dennis Henigan might have questioned his betters and been “Un-personed.”

        The purges in the Soviet Union usually happened after a major set-back to Stalin’s goals or damage to his reputation. The execution of Meteorological Office scientists in 1933 for failing to predict weather harmful to the crops; the purge of the kulaks and other “anti-Soviet elements” in `37; and so on and so forth…

        The Theory cannot be wrong. Do it again, only harder.

  3. He’s now working with Peter Hamm at the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids

    Makes me want to have a cigar.

    Though I’m not a kid…

  4. Must be hard to have a Resume thats says “Spent 23 years helping to generate EPIC FAIL!”

  5. I hear his final words as he walked out the Brady Bunch door were, “Screw this, I’m gettin’ a gun.”

  6. Justice Stevens was wrong in part of his speech saying that full autos were used in Virginia and Colorado. I posted a clip on my blog:


    1. Well, yeah, the Second Amendment is not going to stop anyone from banning the sorts of automatic weapons used in those crimes… because none were. The Second Amendment doesn’t protect fairy wands, pixie longbows, Jedi lightsabres or Star Fleet phasers either.

      Fiction is the purview of the free speech clause of the First Amendment.

  7. Now, if Joan Peterson will decide to stop offering her “wisdom” and Dan Gross leaves to do advertising for a company that makes something of value and Colin Goddard realizes he needs to stop being a useful idiot, then we will have moved towards freedom.

    1. No, I kinda think they’re like the comic book villains of HYDRA: cut off one limb, and two more take its place.

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