Many Thanks

Thanks to all our readers who came out to the Friends’ dinner tonight. Our table was very lucky, since I think we had two raffle winners sitting at it. For the size of the dinner, and for a first year dinner, we did very well. More than $5000 raised for the NRA Foundation, $2500 of which will stay in Pennsylvania shooting programs. Hopefully next year we’ll top 100 people, and even more.

Many thanks to reader Adam Z. who walked away with a very expensive NRA toaster. It’s for a good cause. Many thanks to our friends at Great Satan Inc, who’s ticket gift helped us sell a few more when we really needed to fill seats. We had a little over 80 folks, but they were folks willing to spend money. Despite the fact that I’m out of work, I put 200 of my own dollars into the tickets, games, and silent auction. I think it’s a good cause.

4 thoughts on “Many Thanks”

  1. When Adam Z. recovers from his wedding this Saturday, he should make all of the other SiH readers in the Philly area some NRA toasted sandwiches. :)

    And congrats to Adam Z. on his upcoming nuptials, and thank you to his best man who also joined us for the fun.

  2. All I can say is a loud and hearty THANK YOU!! While my wallet is a bit lighter, 2 of my coworkers left with new weapons. Ken won the Gun Bash! Jack won the Glock dice choice. Not bad for them. I won a NRA labels 4 gun hard case, and ended up with a beautiful new shiny belt buckle!!

    Bitter and Sebastian were great hosts, and did an incredible job! The food was great and the service was incredible. (I still want to know why someones Mom bought a tiny tricycle? Inquiring minds want to know?>?)

  3. Last night was my first time at a Friends of the NRA event. I dropped a couple hundred bucks on the games, etc. and didn’t win anything, but I still had a good time. Met some nice folks and would definitely do it again. Sorry I didn’t get to the Snowflakes in Hell table — I came late, just about dinner time, and just grabbed an open seat at a table. In addition to the awesome toaster, shotgun lamp, neon light and art stuff, there were some smokin’ gun deals at the auction, too. Colt 100-Year Anniversary 1911 with all the gold inlay work went for $1G, custom hunting rifle made to the winner’s specs by E.R. Shaw for $1G, both way, way below retail. I was tapped out by the time the auction started – next time I’ll have to bring a bigger wallet. Kudos the folks running the event.

  4. Thanks for the Congrats! The Bucks NRA event was great and I am looking forward to many more in the future.

    As to the NRA toaster, I was determined to win it this time (as I bowed out during the Philly Friends dinner earlier in the year). But will have to give kudos to my best-man, Jeff S. who gave me a nod as to “I will back you up” when the price of the toaster started to float up much higher. My soon wife-to-be will be quite surprised soon at how our toast will look in the morning from now on….

    Once again Great Job by Sebastian, Bitter and the rest of the crew in the Bucks County NRA Friends event. Had a blast!

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