The Big Day

Today is the day of our Bucks County Friends of the NRA dinner. I thank those of you who bought tickets. As I mentioned, Friends goes to the NRA programs which are relatively uncontroversial among the parts of the population who aren’t hysterical, such as youth shooting programs. I’ll have to head over to the hall in a few hours to get everything ready. Bitter is co-chair of the committee and has put in a lot of work on this. I am on the committee, but I’m just helping out where I can. In the past week we’ve sold enough tickets to take the attendance from embarrassing to pretty reasonable. We’re still under our goals by a good bit, but we won’t lose money on the event.

4 thoughts on “The Big Day”

  1. Good luck! The Friends of the NRA committee in Elizabethtown, KY wishes you the best!!

  2. Glad you guys stuck it out and are working hard on this event. Have been saving my pennies up for the event, so I am interested in how the auction items will go, especially the toaster, shotgun lamp, neon-clock, etc.

    See you guys tonight at this Great NRA Friends Event!

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