More Signs the Zombie Meme has Jumped the Shark

CSGV is lambasting it as serious. You know, I think if you put these folks in a dourness contest with a bunch of Puritans from early New England, the Puritans would have some pretty stiff competition.

And, oh, Guns and Ammo? The Zombie thing stopped being funny a while ago.

UPDATE: From the people who don’t want to ban your guns:


Yes, the Mossberg 500, one of the most common sporting pump-action shotguns in existence, and you have a CSGV loyalist who suggests the fact that these are sold is “Disgusting.” Yet they aren’t ever going to come for your guns. You can trust them on that. You’re paranoid for thinking that.

19 thoughts on “More Signs the Zombie Meme has Jumped the Shark”

  1. There is definitely more than a few layers of good ol’ fashioned entertaining fun to the whole zombie thing.


    Just as Godzilla is/was Japan’s way of dealing with the fact they’d been nuked into ending a war, so it is with zombies. If you can’t name the horror, you create a surrogate for it, and I really think there is a metaphorical element to the zombie phenomenon.

    Because of the restrictions of PC speech (and the oh-so-human trait of not showing weakness in the face of the enmey), we can’t say we’re scared about Islamic Jihadists who are willing to relentlessly attack our way of life even at the cost of their own lives. We don’t talk about it, but we know it’s there.

    Hence the zombies.

    But all that doesn’t make zombie movies (or Godzilla movies) any less fun to watch. To paraphrase Freud, sometimes a silly zombie movie is just a silly zombie movie.

  2. Guns and Ammo just thinks they can sell more subscriptions to fifteen-year old’s at Halloween time.
    I thought Zombies were more representative of Liberals and their OWS black-bloc thugs and Eco-terrorists, now Kevin says it’s just a bunch of neck-beard Jihadis?

    1. Heck, they’re all in there. And they’re not. It’s not an easy thing to pin down, as we’re dealing with themes and ideas, not something that’s clearly defined.

      I could be wrong about it, as twelve people can watch a movie and come away with fifteen different opinions, but things get popular for a reason.

        1. Crap, do I have to be a Marxist? And can’t I just burn the uncomfortable bras with wires in them? …See, once again, The Patri—-y thinks they can dictate the terms of the debate! Nevvvverrrrr!!!!!!1!


    2. The modern zombie is a symbol of mortality — you can run, but never far enough. They’re relentless, remorseless, and you can stave them off, but a hidden one will get you. They’re disease and old age and accidents all wrapped up in a shambling, rotting figure.

  3. “If you’re prepared for zombies, you’re prepared for almost anything.”

    I’ll agree some of it stopped being funny a while ago, but every once in awhile, I’ll see something that still makes me laugh.

  4. So why are shotguns so bad? People are just stupid.

    As for the zombies, let the 15 year olds and the tinfoil hat types have their fun. I’ll stick to worrying about real threats like the government, whack jobs in movie theaters and bored housewives who have an anti-gun adjenda. :)

  5. Oh, and as for “sporting”, I used a 500 for 3 gun for a year and still use it for the Carbine/Shotgun matches at a local range. I know the ATF doesn’t consider that “sporting purposes”, but then again, they think sending a bunch of guns to Mexico is a good way to cut down on the number of guns into the U.S.

  6. Reminds me on the time japete swore up and down we were all racists because someone cooked up an advert with a “gasp” black zombie!!!

  7. What’s really sad is that CSGV and their 12 followers, actually believe that we are preparing for a zombie infestation.

    Oh please! That is how disconnected from reality that they are.

    As Russ noted, there are real threats out there that we may try to address. Pretending you are “ready for zombies” sounds a lot less militant than getting prepared for riots in your home town.

    Hurricane Katrina proved that the government is inept and not able to protect citizens in a crisis. Best to be prepared.

  8. Dear Exurb,
    So zombies are stand-ins for Islamic Jihadists?
    I thought they were old reactionary conservatives who just didn’t know how to die off.

    Mr Lynch,
    What’s sad is how many people actually do believe in zombies.
    And ghosts, and space aliens. Some of them vote.

    I’d rather think that Katrina showed that the government can be inept, not that it always is. But then I’m an optimist.

    1. If you think people actually believe in the walking dead, you need to get out more.

    2. Dear Harold Lloyd,
      Yes, I agree, a lot of people believe some pretty strange things. I’d like to highlight the gun control advocates who seem to think that if all firearms just vanished one day that we would live in a paradise. I also heard a while back that more people believed in UFOs than in the solvency of Social Security.

      Regarding the government, sure they get a few things right.

      However, it is prudent to realize that with a disaster, it can be overwhelmed. Ultimately, I’m responsible for myself and my family and I want to be both optimistic and realistic.

  9. Mr Lynch,
    I agree that the responsibility for looking out for kith and kin is not one that can be assigned to any government entity.

    The federal response to Katrina was not due to being overwhelmed, but to being underprepared. Bush 43 did not recognize the importance of FEMA, and used it as a place to reward those who supported him without regard for their qualifications.

    I also am realistic and optimistic, but it gets a little more difficult as I watch my state government in action here in Florida, never mind the feds.

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