Citori Report

I finally got the Citori out to the trap field.  I am very happy with how it feels and how it shoots.  Single trap I managed 24 out of 25.  Double trap I managed 19 out of 24.

I bet Bitter on the last shot of the box that I’d buy her dinner if I missed.  I actually missed!  I think deep inside I feel sorry that she has had to come up here so much that I must have subsonsciously gotten behind the clay too much and missed.  Yeah… that’s the ticket.

I need more work on double, but I’m happy enough with the single score.  It’s a lot more work on the arms operating the brake action than it is operating the pump on my Mossberg.  But overall, I like the break action O/U better in terms of being able to hit.  I still want to improve my double score, but it’s better than I was doing with my pump.

3 thoughts on “Citori Report”

  1. When you get down here next Ill get you out on the skeet field and show you how to do that.

  2. You know, I completely misread “Citori” as a much more interesting word, at first glance.

    On the other hand, Bitter would kill you if you made that post, I’m sure.

  3. I know this sounds drastic to do to a fine shotgun, but after reading an item above, perhaps you should saw it off.

    No, no, really. I’m serious, not only could you kill a whole room full of people, but since it is an over/under you also kill everybody in the basement without moving your feet.

    You should consider it, I know it would work fiction news can’t be wrong.

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