Kel-Tec Preparing for Ban on KSG Shotgun

Thought pump action shotguns would be safe? Think again.

16 Responses to “Kel-Tec Preparing for Ban on KSG Shotgun”

  1. Exurbankevin says:

    So a gun that nobody can find is going to sell for $300 more than it would have if you could have found one, which you can’t.

    Got it.

    • UTLaw says:

      They’ve been out there, you just have to be in the shop on the day that they get one. My local gun shop has had 4. 2 on 2 different occasions. I only saw one of them, and that was right before it got picked up. They’ll probably still sell about as quickly now.

  2. Joe Huffman says:

    Other shotguns have been banned via executive action. Such as “evil black WMD” might even be banned by the end of the month.

  3. Matthew Carberry says:

    This is no surprise. The young man in California used a pump shotgun.

    I can easily see a proposed magazine restriction of only 2 rounds -possible- in the tube for pump guns, as that can be easily “justified” for the undecided middle -and- the Fudds by virtue of matching most existing hunting regulations for birds, still offering follow-up shots for deer or bear defense, and thus “not interfering with hunting rights.”

    It would also leave trap, skeet, and sporting clays basically unaffected.

    It’s an easy way to try to wedge off part of the gun-owning public.

    • Harold says:

      That 3 round restriction holds for Federal migratory birds, or at least dove, and for Missouri, but not Kansas. I wonder if there are more states like Kansas?

      • Matthew Carberry says:

        I was going more toward broad perception, as that’s what the anti-gunners appeal to.

        I haven’t bought a shotgun in a while but the last Mossberg I helped set up for a friend came with the dowel in place.

        How many shotgun owners have -never- taken one out because they have never seen the need? That’s the perception problem in a nutshell.

  4. I would not be surprised in the least to see a partial AWB on shotguns. Evil feature (semiauto, detachable magazine, >3 rd capacity, adjustable stock, pistol grip, etc) = not valid for sporting purposes = assault weapon = DD.

    Maybe a two feature test, who knows.

    It is an AWB that can be passed without any action from congress. It pleases the far left and craps on gun owners, a win-win.

  5. TS says:

    Not only is it not semi-auto, but it doesn’t even accept a detachable magazine. I am beginning to think these people just hate guns.

  6. UTLaw says:

    I talked to Feinstein’s office earlier this week and the staffer breathlessly talked about specifically including this evil gun they had just been warned about–a shotgun with Two parallel magazines that could shoot 15 times!!!11!!

    Either this AWB will ban magazine extensions for shotguns, including pumps, or it will specifically list evil shotguns like this, the saiga, the ugly AR-15 looking one, etc.

    They’re still honing their characteristics list. Sebastian, I’ll shoot you an e-mail with the summary of my call.

  7. Zermoid says:

    I’ve been thinking about customizing my savage 57 pump shotgun, anyone know where I can find steel tube the right size to use to make a mag tube the same length as the barrel?

    I’ve figured out how to do it, but not sure where to even look for the tube. Any suggestions?

    Should hold about a dozen rounds by my estimation, sounds like a great defensive shotgun to me!