Other Delving into MAIG’s Relationship With City Governments

Thirdpower uncovers a very interesting story about MAIG conspiring with the Mayor of Columbus to exploit the Chardon mass shooting. I encourage you to follow the links. I had speculated back when this happened it was a coordinated effort, designed to get e-mails. Turns out I was right.

5 thoughts on “Other Delving into MAIG’s Relationship With City Governments”

  1. Many service members serve/have served in combat are NRA members.

    Such hate and violence from so-called peace-loving individuals.

  2. All this feigned outrage about the hoplophobes taking advantage of a shooting spree is beginning to annoy me. I recall quite a bit of gloating on the part of gunnies when mass killers were stopped by a gunnie; there was the off-duty cop in the mall in Utah, which was a gun-free zone IIRC, and the parishioner who shot the kook at the church, and a few others.

    Of COURSE the hoplophobes are going to use this mass shooting to push for more gun control. Of COURSE gunnies will use successful gun defense to push for less gun control. Everyone takes advantage of every crisis, always have, always will. To profess to be shocked, SHOCKED, at such terrible hijacking of a tragedy is just plain sophomoric.

    1. The two things you’re citing aren’t remotely comparable; I’ll just mention the gun grabbers’s liberal use of blood libel when they do their thing. I don’t have to feign outrage to be genuinely angry at that.

      1. Gloating is gloating; condemning your opponent for gloating while you gloat at other times is hypocritcal.

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