Did the Intern Go Back to School?

We bloggers have been noticing more than a few stories of children being the victims of stupid parents evil baby killing guns in the Google Alerts, and yet it’s like crickets over at the Brady Campaign Blog, which has all summer been running all manner of stories highlighting dead or injured children, law abiding gun owners, and concealed carry permit holders engaging in various acts of stupidity.

We speculated that their prolific blogging was perhaps the product of a talented new intern, who may have gone back to school.  Or perhaps Doug Pennington was on extended vacation.  Or maybe the Bradys just got tired of paying their staff to produce blog material that was only read by gun bloggers.  Either way, it seems quite possible we’ve seen another Brady new media effort fall flat on its face.

3 thoughts on “Did the Intern Go Back to School?”

  1. Valid point….I think only gun folks read the stuff by the Brady bunch and then blogged about it making those Brady;s look like fools.

  2. Well, someone must still be doing something over there …


    In addition pissing off and freaking out Eleanor Holmes Norton, they claim the second amendment protection act (HR 6691) is going to do some outrageous things.

    And I quote:

    “The bill … would extinguish virtually all gun regulations … allowing the open carrying of assault rifles and .50 caliber sniper rifles on the streets of Washington, and putting government officials, foreign dignitaries, and tourists at grave risk of harm.”

    “It would enable citizens in D.C. to purchase AK-47s and other semiautomatic military-style assault rifles anywhere in the country where they’re legal, transport them into the nation’s Capital and carry them in public.”

    “To allow the streets of Washington to be flooded with weapons of war … is a homeland security nightmare…”

    Now I’ve seen these folks lie before … but perhaps never so blatantly as this. Peter Hamm is surely coming unhinged.

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