Mass Killing in China

Guns are very seriously restricted in China, yet a mass killer armed with a simple knife killed eight, and wounded five. China has a problem with mass killings with knives. The article points out there was a rash of these in 2010 with 20 killed and 50 wounded.

Where there is a will, there is a way. We keep being told by our presumptuous betters how ridiculous we are with that statement, but experience seems to bear it.

4 thoughts on “Mass Killing in China”

  1. Culture plays a surprisingly large role in mass murderer’s M.O.
    In some cultures they use bombs, in some arson, in others it’s knives or guns. Humans are still humans everywhere and occasionally go off the social rails.

    1. First of all, it doesn’t matter: Sebastian’s blog contains that which interests Sebastian and Bitter, and sometimes that includes non-gun-control stuff.

      Second, this *does* fit into the gun control debate, because gun-grabbers like to wail, “If only guns were illegal! Then these kinds of things would never happen!” Well, they *do* happen, and they happen in places where guns are illegal! Thus, these stories are useful counterpoints to one of the counter-claims that gun-grabbers like to make.

      There’s a blog, called “Weird’s World”, that has a special theme for such posts: “Gun Deaths”. In those posts, Weird Beer’d likes to highlight a death–a murder or an accident–that happened without a gun. The point is two-fold: that people can still die without guns, and that gun grabbers don’t care about these deaths, because it doens’t advance their agenda.

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