John Moses Browning Day

Today is the Birthdate of John Moses Browning.  Tam lists the list of commercially successful firearms he designed, many of which are still in use today.  I would note that even for the Glock fans, the Glock still uses the tilting barrel recoil system that Browning designed.  It’s not identical, but it uses the same concepts.  Browning’s 1911 is still wildly popular a century after it was designed, and the military has yet to replace the M2 machine gun with any better modern alternative.

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  1. I remember reading somewhere that Browning’s original design for the GP-35 was a striker fired gun (very glock like) and after he died the design was changed to an exposed hammer (tradition or something).

  2. The Grand Redement {high capacity} was a striker fired design, for a french military specification. The use of a striker was likely to circumvent patents issued to Browning, but held by Colt.

    The high capacity magazine was part of the specification, but Browning thought the existing single stack magazines sufficent. FN was insistant, so the design of the magazine was handed off to Mr. Saive.

    The hammer made it’s return after the trials of 1922. before One reason the hammer returned to the design was the French commision faulting the pistol for not having an external indication of being cocked. The French continued in this way, hosting military trials, and faulting all the designs, accepting none of them.

    The French pistols where intially blowback designs, but the eventually “evolved” to resemble the FN-Browning designs. However they continued to use the 7.62×20 cartridge. Eventually the French fielded a MAP pistol based off the FN designs and a “native” design the 1935A Petter.

    In 1937 the French sold the rights to build the 1935A Petter to a Swiss company, and the Swiss sold this design as the 210 SIG.

  3. Tam,
    Which model Savages?
    Also can you recomend a good book on early Savage designs? This seems to be a somewhat ignored area.

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