The Latest Nuttiness from the Brady Campaign

We have to do something in America about gun violence. Won’t someone think of those poor, downtrodden people in this world unfortunate enough to drive fancy cars, live in big houses, and have multi-million dollar salaries. “For the children” was less laughable than this. I also love how Plaxico Burris is listed as a victim of gun violence, rather than a victim if his own stupidity by illegally and unsafely carrying a firearm, then drinking. But he’s a victim, say the Brady folk. Which naturally means he has absolute moral authority.

8 thoughts on “The Latest Nuttiness from the Brady Campaign”

  1. “But he’s a victim, say the Brady folk.”

    They’ve gotta pad their numbers even if that means including criminals with their “victims”.

  2. Now now, we all know that in Bradyspeak, “victim” doesn’t mean “victim of a crime.” It means “someone who agrees with us.”

  3. I’m in federal law enforcement. In the event that I am shot (wounded or killed) in the line of duty I have instructed my wife, family atty and FLEOA atty to sue the living XIT out of any anti-gun group that even BREATHES my name! No, really, I did.

    The suit probably won’t go to far but the pro-guners blogging about it will be AWESOME!

  4. I’ve noticed that a lot of comment pages have been turned off on Youtube lately – not just the Brady Campaign. Apparently, Youtube has a new policy that requires posters to police their own comments or get banned from Youtube. I’ve heard that Youtube is doing this in an effort to head off government antitrust regulators, who have strongly implied that they will use their antitrust power as a hammer to squash speech if the “wild west” nature of the comments is not dealt with.

    1. In the case of the Brady Campaign’s website, comments have been turned off for a very long time: they don’t want people to counter what they have on their website.

      As for turning off comments from Youtube: that’s a hoot! In a very sad sort of way. Most of the comments I’ve seen made on Youtube itself haven’t been very informative; even so, I dislike seeing such “wilde west” speech squashed because of fear of antitrust regulators.

      1. Brady Bunch turned off blog comments a WHILE back. There were one or two sympathisers (puppets?) and they quickly got shooed away from every new topic by the pro gunners. Then the threads turned into a mini ARFCOM! Funny as hell to talk guns n such on the BB blog!

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