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  1. I love how they bury the lead down in the last two paragraphs.

    “And unfortunately, this gentleman, as tragic as it is, wasn’t following proper safety protocol,” McEwan said.

    The victims in the Spotsylvania and Lynchburg shooting cases represent only a tiny fraction of those holding concealed-carry permits in the Virginia. As of Thursday, 275,428 people held active concealed-handgun permits in the state, according to the Virginia State Police Firearms Transaction Center.

  2. Fortunately for us, this guy has removed himself from the gene pool.

    Kinda harsh. This was a tragic accident.

    1. This was not an accident. An accident requires unforeseen circumstances. Any person with even a portion of a brain could foresee carrying a firearm in your waste band without the trigger being protected is asking for trouble. This was stupidity, and negligence, simple as that.

  3. Self destruction comes in many forms… This is a KNOWN bad idea, but he obviously though he could get away with it…

  4. It just says the gun was tucked in his waistband. For all we know he could have been wearing a holster.

    How many times does the press get what we see as pr-gun stories and report them inaccurately? We’ll never know exactly what happened in that vehicle.

    And your comments, Sebastian, are more than a touch *douchey*. Wow.

    1. Perhaps my comments were in poor taste, but when you carry a firearm in public you have a responsibility to educate yourself and do it correctly. Screw up and act stupidly, as this person did here, it could cost you your life. More importantly it could cost someone else their lives.

      1. +1 Harsh words are required.

        I played the same flag when I found out my neighbor was simply dropping his J-frame into his pocket when he carried. I believe the words were “You fucking idiot!” and then I dragged him down into the armory and I gave him one of my old Uncle Mike’s pocket holsters, and showed him my DeSantis Nemesis that I replaced it with.

        Just like getting smacked when Dad sees your running with a pair of scissors, some behaviors are so pointlessly dangerous that they transcend diplomacy.

    2. The police have stated that he was not using a holster. The paper failed to mention that, so you’re right that they didn’t report the story accurately, just not in the way you think.

      While I wouldn’t go quite as far as Sebastian, this man left his wife a widow with two children to raise alone and fatherless because he was too bloody stupid to spend $10 on a holster. Harsh words are entirely appropriate.

      1. Or he was “Too Bloody Stupid” to buy a gun with an actual safety which would prevent the gun from firing when the trigger was accidentally pressed on by something. Including the Holster in some cases.

  5. Actually, the article pretty clearly indicates that he did not have it properly holstered, and the writer seems to have made a good faith effort to be accurate in reporting.

    Glocks are a weird thing. You can throw a loaded Glock off the top of a skyscraper and it won’t discharge when it hits the ground. But none of its very well designed passive internal safties can protect you if you stick your finger inside the trigger guard. And there are LOTS of people out there fiddling with the triggers on their Glocks and blowing their nuts off.

    1. That’s what I like about them. It forces you to follow the rules, there are no manual safeties to save you from sloppy handling.

  6. In the interest of not offending Hispanic-Americans, I have adopted the race-neutral term “NFL Carry” to refer to carrying a handgun without a holster. I am trying to spread this term throughout the gun enthusiast community to show that we are a diverse and open-minded group.

    1. Massad Ayoob had an interesting take on why we call it “Mexican Carry”. When Mexico banned guns, their equivalents to cowboys (I forget the term) refused to give them up…but if they needed to ditch a gun, it would do them no good to be caught with a holster. Thus, they carried their guns in their waistbands.

      In light of those circumstances, it’s perfectly understandable. Indeed, Massad Ayoob said it is in honored reverence that we ought to call this type of carry “Mexican Carry”.

      But, when a gun can be legally carried, it goes without saying that it should be carried as safely as possible. Hence, in a free land, Mexican Carry is Stupid Carry. So, in that light, you are probably indeed correct that such carrying should be called “NFL Carry”!

      1. Interesting history behind the term! I never knew. I always thought it was a gangbanger reference. I like NFL Carry to remind us of anti-gun poster boy Plaxico. Got your Glock? Check. Wearing sweat pants? Check. No holster? Check. Let’s got to the strip club!

      2. Thank You!
        I’ve seen dozens of period pictures showing Mexican “cowboys” wearing their pistols in the belt, but never knew WHY they did that!

        I know they ‘had’ holsters south of the border, never knew why they chose to not use them.

        Wonder how many pistols were lost while bouncing along the trail on horseback?

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