4 thoughts on “Rule Addition”

  1. Rule “5” is already covered by Cooper’s rule 3. Might be why Cooper never did endorse having a mechanical safety ON the trigger.

  2. True, but I don’t think most people think of rule 3 that way. Instinct is to try to catch something you drop. It’s a good idea to make people think about that specific case.

  3. That’s a good rule,

    About 2 years ago at the range an older guy’s m1 (he couldn’t even steady it without the sandbags) started sliding of the front of the table after the sandbag fell. he reached over to grab it and accidentally fired a round into the ground where people would usually be walking to go put up their target. The range officer said “he’ll let it slide this time”…so I packed up and left (I have bad enough luck with out tempting fate).


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