Get a Gun Stolen, Get Victimized Twice

That’s what’s going to happen if a New Hampshire woman has her way:

Authorities said he stole the .22-caliber handgun from his grandfather’s hunting camp in Wentworth Location, N.H., a family camp he had visited while growing up.

Jones claims in her lawsuit that Secord should have taken steps to secure his gun when he learned his grandson had returned to the area after being released from prison. She also says he failed to report the theft of the gun promptly.

The door to the camp was locked, and the window broken to gain entry. The gun was hidden, but since the burglar was family, he likely knew where it was hidden. Fortunately, the federal courts don’t seem to be falling for this line of reasoning, despite the fact that, as we well know from our opponents, as a victim she has absolute moral authority.

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