Joe Huffman on Brady and Plaxico

Noting that Plaxico got pinched by likely unconstitutional laws that Brady support:

I find this very much like a person of color married to a Caucasian getting a divorce and supporting a white separatist group after getting beat up by members of the KKK for their choice of marriage partners.

Pretty much. I greatly disapprove of Burris’ choices in regards to his methods of carry, but in a just world he would have gotten a fine for carrying irresponsibly (no holster and drinking) and that would have been the end of it. He only hurt himself. Had he hurt someone else I would suggest the law could apply more sanctions for hurting someone else with his own responsibility.

One thought on “Joe Huffman on Brady and Plaxico”

  1. It’s sad, and wholly insincere, but not odd.

    And the analogy would only apply if Placico thought for himself. He doesn’t. He’s doing what his agent has told him in order to enhance his respectability to that bigot – NFL Commissioner Roger Goodall. It’s a total Michael Vick play (Vick, who fought dogs, was arrested and sent tojail for something no one would have thought was a crime for millennia and upon release became butt buddies with that fraud Wayne Pacelle who has made a fortune attacking the right of people to own and use animals).

    It got Vick reinstated. It will get Plaxico reinstated.
    And of course it’s good PR for the Brady Campaign.

    If anything, our scorn needs to be directed at that bigot, the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodall who facilitates and encourages this.

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