H.Res 711, Holder Contempt, Being Voted on Now

For real this time. No CNN-like mistake. Looks like a number of Democrats are walking out. Result shortly.

Passes 255 to 67, with 17 Democratic defections. There was one GOP defection to vote against the contempt resolution. One member voted present. Many Democrats did not vote.

UPDATE: NRA’s statement here. They were scoring the vote.

UPDATE: Final vote count here. Glad to see Reps. Altmire and Critz, both Pennsylvania Democrats, voting yes.

21 thoughts on “H.Res 711, Holder Contempt, Being Voted on Now”

  1. Of course “some” Democrats are walking out. After all, the rule of law and proper procedure is racist.

  2. I’m surprised so many democrats didn’t vote on it. I wonder what their reasoning was? Besides not wanting to hold holder in contempt and not wanting to look like they are defending the actions of a man who should be in prison right now.

    In any case the media will attack republicans and attack them HARD. RESTLESSLY, RELENTLESSLY, trying to turn all of them into the literal embodiment of the anti-christ to make people hate them as much as possible. I can just imagine what MSNBC, al sharpton and chris matthews is going to say.

    1. Shawn: “I’m surprised so many democrats didn’t vote on it. I wonder what their reasoning was?”

      Maybe they were out celebrating the SCOTUS decision?

      1. My guess is that they were hoping to game the NRA scoring. After all, they didn’t vote against it!

        1. Many of the Dems walked out in protest. I doubt, for instance, Nancy Pelosi cares all that much about NRA scoring the vote.

  3. Looks like 2 GOP votes against, actually. But, still…

    65/193 Democrats = 33%, meaning that two thirds of House Democrats were not willing to go on record as defending Holder. That seems to me to be a bad sign for the administration.

    And yes, I believe that the “walking out in protest” stunt was nothing more than a convenient excuse to avoid being on the voting record as protecting Holder. In addition to being a massive abdication of their duty to their constituents.

    1. Not voting for the crucial contempt resolution shows their true colors as surely as voting against it. No free pass here.

      The NRA scoring should place them in the same camp as the defenders of the loser Holder.

      Also, voting present has to be the lamest of all. It should also be put in that cowardly category. It’s kind like holding the cloaks of those stoning a saint, but not throwing a rock.

  4. I toss a hearty thank you to the two from my state that voted aye. And as a side note, did anyone notice that one of the non-voters was named Fudge?

  5. Reps. Rigell of Virginia and LaTourette of Ohio were the Republicans.

    1. I’d love to hear Rigell’s justification for that.

      Looks like he needs to go.

  6. Given that the two Dems who voted in favor of holding Holder in contempt were from WESTERN PA, I’m not surprised in the least.

    The greater Pittsburgh area is a VERY pro-gun area, and the gun groups out there (FOAC, Allegheny County Sportsmen’s League, Beaver County Sportsmen’s League, etc.) are VERY active. They’re so active that they make up something like 3/4 of the turnout at the annual 2nd amendment rally in Harrisburg.

  7. Not that I voted for the weasel and not that he’ll care when he gets it but I have penned a letter to Rep. Cleaver expressing my dissatisfaction with his choice… and, by choice, I mean the sort of choice that Rush sings about. I also demanded to know whether his actions were as a show of solidarity with the Congressional Black Caucus or with his fellow Dims. I deserve to know whether my representative puts his race ahead of his constituency.

  8. Looks like ol’ Heath Shuler is giving us the same love he gave football fans…which is to say he sucks.

  9. Care to guess who prosecutes contempt citations? It is the [drum roll]–DoJ!

    The DoJ does not prosecute Executive Branch officials who have been cited for contempt when an assertion of executive privilege has been made. They didn’t under Reagan or Bush and they aren’t going to now.

    This vote was a political circle-jerk.

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