How They Voted

You can follow this link to see how legislators voted on Levdansky’s “Lost and Stolen” amendment.

My state representative, Chris King, voted for this turd, voted against Rep. Metcalfe’s emergency license to carry provision, voted yes on the emergency powers amendment to prevent a Katrina-like incident in Pennsylvania, and voted yes on revoking the restriction on concealed carry in state parks. Two out of four gets you a C. Ultimately, I’m pleased the “Lost and Stolen” provision Mr. King voted for didn’t pass, and the Metcalfe amendment passed despite his vote, but it’s the vote that counts.

2 thoughts on “How They Voted”

  1. I’m upset to see that both my current rep, Kathy Watson, and the rep to who’s district I’m moving next month, O’Neil, both voted for the “Lost and Stolen” amendment. I didn’t expect much from O’Neil, but I had hopes for Watson, even though I didn’t hear anything back after contacting her.

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