Google Becoming More Anti-Gun?

So reports The Firearms Blog. Go read to see. Unlike other outfits on the Internet, I’m not going to scrape the majority of Steve’s post, even though it’s quoting. Might be legal, but it’s not within what I find to be acceptable blogger ethics.

3 Responses to “Google Becoming More Anti-Gun?”

  1. BornLib says:

    Now I feel extra justified in using Goodsearch/Goodshop over Google.

  2. David says:

    Interesting, yesterday I was still getting the results and today I’m not.

  3. Doug Marks says:

    Google had a great free service with their “Google Shopping.” Now it’s going to be paid, and they’ve disallowed firearms from being listed there. My company, Rockwell Arms, has been seriously impacted by this decision, but we’re telling people they can always do their firearms shopping at in their Shopping function.

    Or people who still like Google can still go to Google and type in the name of the gun they want along with the name of their favorite retailer (we’re hoping they’ll type in our name), and the natural results will still give them what they want. There’s always another way!