Kagan Confirmed

NRA statement on the matter can be found here. The vote was 63-37. More to come as I gather more info.

UPDATE: In the end, Ben Nelson was the only Democrat to vote against her. The only Republicans to vote for her were Graham, Gregg, Lugar, Snowe, and Collins. With those Republicans voting yes, filibustering her was not a possibility.

As I said, the Democrats are betting that NRA can’t mobilize anger over the Supreme Court. We’ll see about that. This would have been an easy vote for many Democrats like Webb, Warner, Tester, Baucus, Specter, and Casey.

4 thoughts on “Kagan Confirmed”

  1. If the Democrats are using the confirmation of Kagan as guideline for November and the strength of the NRA, they’re going to be sadly mistaken. SCotUS confirmations are voted on by Senators, and in general the federal Legislative, especially the Senate, seems way, WAY out of touch with their constituients. November’s election, however, will be voted on by the people, and people are not only remembering the failed economic reforms, the bailouts, and the inflation, but they’re also taking note of Senators more interested in the Potomac Two-Step than doing thri jobs.

    Can’t WAIT for Nov…

  2. Unfortunately, Lindsey Graham isn’t up for re-election in November, but he needs to suffer for his betrayal. I live in Kansas, but I’d be willing to spend some vacation time in SC to help his next primary challenger.

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