This Week’s Bob: VPC In Denial on Falling Crime Figures

I was starting to think the Baghdad Bob thing was getting old, but the other side continues to deny reality in utterly hilarious ways. Following up on reports that crime has dropped, VPC has chosen the path of utter denial, suggesting we have to take a more nuanced view:

VPC More Nuanced

The more nuanced view is that you’re losing, and rapidly descending into the dustbin of history where your cause rightly belongs.

Bagdad Bob Anti-Gun Meme VPC Crime

2 thoughts on “This Week’s Bob: VPC In Denial on Falling Crime Figures”

  1. They’re gonna blow a fuse in their reality distortion field generator pretty soon, hope they have spares.

  2. So my favorite quote of the story is as follows.

    “Whatever the final data show, it would seem that the long-term downturn in crime has slowed, and may even have bottomed out. Crime can’t go down forever, of course.”

    DUH…. When there is no more crime, it can’t go down no more.. What a loser!!

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