Giuliani Endorsement?

Greg says it would make him quit NRA over it.   I also think it would be a bad idea, but temper that with the fact that a Hillary Clinton or Obama would be an utter disaster.  If Rudy wants to put more originalist thinking justices on The Court, I might be willing to overlook his past if he’s running against The Hildabeast or Obama.   Run him against Richardson though, and Richardson ought to get the endorsement hands down.

7 Responses to “Giuliani Endorsement?”

  1. Greg Morris says:

    I’m not gonna overlook Rudy’s strange and terrifying past… but if he’s going up against Hillary, then I’ll vote for him. But if he better damn-well PROMISE, in a letter written in his own blood, to the NRA and the country that he will not sign any gun control legislation.

  2. GeorgeH says:

    I think I will take my chances with Hillery if Rudy is the choice. Either will sign any gun legislation they see with a big smile on their faces.
    The difference is that with a democrat in the whitehouse we have a better chance of holding 40 senators to stop passage.

  3. thirdpower says:

    Since I’m in Illinois, all of my dead relatives and myself will be voting in Chicago for the D candidate (even though I don’t live there) so whoever I vote for won’t matter. But I’ll vote Lib before Rudy.

  4. straightarrow says:

    go here, read this; Third item down. In fact it wouldn’t hurt a damn thing to read her whole blog.

    But the third item expressly addresses the NRA and its endorsements. It would also be advisable to follow the links she references in the item.

    Then see if Greg’s assessment may not be at the very least acceptable

  5. Bitter says:

    Greg’s assessment isn’t acceptable because it’s taken an event out of context, straightarrow. They will also have Bill Richardson there.

    It’s common political courtesy to invite all declared presidential candidates to an event if you invite one. Giuliani decided to accept one invite, as did Fred and McCain.

  6. straightarrow says:

    That may well be Bitter, but you miss the point. Greg said if NRA endorsed Rudy he would quit the NRA. That was what I was addressing, not that Rudy was invited to speak.

    I can’t quit them. I already did the third of fourth time they betrayed me.

  7. Giuliani = Feinstein. That’s pretty obvious unless you can be swayed by a politician’s spin. The “Hillary is worse” crap is a diversion from the main point. Any reasonable person would conclude that in a Giuliani/Hillary election, an honestly pro second amendment organization would not endorse EITHER of them. Hillary/Obama are KNOWN QUANTITIES. Them as president would only be “the end of the world” (as the nra apologists claim) if congress became more openly anti gun. Actually, a president Hillary/Obama would cause pro gun forces in congress to come back to life, as well as expand in the off year election. History has proven this phenomenon to occur.

    This is another in a long line of stories that makes the nra apologists squirm because it threatens their denial mentality about the nra.

    Rather than re post the same hard hitting stuff so sebastian can avoid it, I’ll just post this very telling link so all can see how he behaves when he’s shown the ugly truth about the nra.