Bad News For Municipalities?

There is a very easy solution to the problem of municipalities and gun regulations: don’t break the law. Why is this such a leap or so radical? Because, as our Supreme Court has said, firearm regulation is a matter of statewide concern, it is a matter that is the exclusive prerogative of the state legislature.

Lancaster Mayor Rick Gray, who backed the local initiative, said the bill would invite frivolous lawsuits.

Mayor Gray apparently doesn’t appreciate the idea that he will not be able to break the law with impunity. There is an alternative I can propose for the Mayor: if he is so concerned with taxpayer dollars going to waste, we can easily run a bill that will hold him and his council personally responsible for the lawbreaking, like they do in Florida. How’s that sound?

3 thoughts on “Bad News For Municipalities?”

  1. “Gray said the key word is “lawful.” When a gun is lost or stolen, the person who has it is not in lawful possession of it, he said.”

    If your car is stolen, are you still the lawful owner of your car? How is this any different?

    It’s pretty pathetic that that is the best argument they can come up with to support their case that Lost and Stolen doesn’t violate §6120.

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