What Part of “Elected Board” is Hard to Understand?

I’m still amazed how much our opponents live in complete and utter denial about exactly what NRA is:

It’s a wonder the NRA retains Ted Nugent on its’ Board. He should be an embarrassment. But maybe the NRA agrees with the extremist nonsense and offensive language spewed by this man. It’s good to have someone on your Board to stir up the ranks of the members.

NRA does not “retain” Ted Nugent on their board. He is not appointed by men in some cigar filled back room. He is on the NRA Board because NRA’s members put him there. Nugent isn’t the kind of guy who personally appeals to me, but a lot of NRA members love him, and so he wins his election handily. I realize this is difficult to understand, because Brady does not have an elected Board, probably because, before you can be a membership driven organization, it helps to, you know, have members.

UPDATE: It would seem she changed the wording around to more accurately reflect the actual state of affairs in terms of how NRA operates. Good.

14 thoughts on “What Part of “Elected Board” is Hard to Understand?”

  1. The Nuge is perfect for the role he has, and goes and does far more to press the 2nd amendment cause than most others. Sure, his approach might make your head spin sometimes, but that’s who he is. Brady, of course, probably has more celebrity supporters – but those celebrities are only supporting Brady because they think it will help with their career. There’s not a single one who will actually pick up and press the cause on their own like The Nuge does. Brady would literally kill to have someone on its board, or even on its side, are passionate as Uncle Ted. And what’s great, he’s as passionate as every other NRA member.

  2. “extremist nonsense and offensive language”

    It’s funny how anti-gunners can only rely on feelings to express themselves. They have no concrete ground of argument other then to invoke hateful feelings.

    They are just so angry and hateful. Gosh, I wish a unicorn would come out of their closet and shower them with love and equal-opportunity power or something.

  3. Markie Marxist sez: “Yeah! What are those NRA types doing with Ted Nugent on their board?! Diversity is our gig! They’re not supposed to have diversity! They stole it from us! They’re supposed to be look-alike, cardboard cutout, mirror images of each other, so that we can mock them! A robust diversity of representatives isn’t supposed to be their game! That’s our province! They’re subverting us! And we’re the ones who are supposed to be the subversives!”

  4. Simply stated, you are exactly right!! But I am very happy to have Uncle Ted on our side!!

    I wish the other celebs were as outspoken!

  5. I love Ted. Every time he’s on Gresham it’s a treat. He’s honest about who and what he is. I’d pick Ted over 99.99% of the other choices.

  6. Linky no worky!

    And Ted is great! Anybody who has ever listened to him knows he is full life and energy. They guy is super positive, and its hard to argue with a guy that doesn’t say a bad thing about his opponents.

  7. I am so glad my Google account postings don’t work on some blogs.

    “Oh, what’s that? You made a point with data that disproves my position? Quick, time to say you’re the one who’s blinded by your opinion!”

    Can’t stand people like that.

  8. More Anti-gun projection. Note how the Brady Camp runs their board.

    Also note Joan’s views, how polite she treats others who have different views.

    She does use polite language when she’s insulting and maligning, I guess that’s worth something!

  9. “Brady, of course, probably has more celebrity supporters – but those celebrities are only supporting Brady because they think it will help with their career. ”

    Disagree. People like Rosie O’Donnell or Joy Behar are true believers, not just in it for easy publicity to improve their careers.

  10. Ted Nugent is the Ann Coulter of the pro-gun movment. As long as he runs I’ll vote for him.

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