1993 Called …

… and they want their gun control article back. You almost have to believe they were short on articles to run, so they resurrected one from the 90s and changed a few names around. The article is textbook, with utter confusion about what a machine gun is and isn’t, careless improper use of the term assault rifle, a police gun layout that doesn’t contain any of the weapons mentioned in the article, cops being outgunned, and, the icing on the cake?

“[A] 2009 bid by President Obama to reinstate a national ban has stalled.”

What 2009 bid? In order for this analogy to work, it would require you to place the keys in the ignition, start the engine, and try to take it somewhere. Barry’s been afraid to even look in the garage, let alone look for the keys to the car.

4 thoughts on “1993 Called …”

  1. Whatever happened to the “gun control” speech Obama was going to give a couple weeks after the SOTU to placate the Brady Bunch? Did anything that could remotely be attributable to this happen? By a couple of weeks, was a couple of months (or years) really meant?

  2. I wouldn’t exactly agree with Barry not looking in the garage:

    1.) M1 Garand ban from Korea.
    2.) Director appointment of the BATFE clown from Chicago.
    3.) “Bulk” reporting of 2 or more rifle sales accross the southern US border.

    Oh, he’s looked in the garage, but probably not much more than that.

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