Starbucks and the Opposition

Thirdpower’s Starbucks Appreciation today was paid for by a surprising source. And he still had some money left over for some ammo. I have verified the check is authentic. I’ve known Thirdpower is a trustworthy source, but the idea that they’d actually cut him a check was so ridiculous, I just had a hard time believing it. I wanted to be sure it wasn’t an off color joke. It’s not a joke.

This has me thinking that the proprietor of National Gun Victims Action Council is crazier than a shithouse rat. I really do kind of feel bad for the guy. It’s difficult for a parent to get over losing their kid.

UPDATE: It is my understanding that I was mistaken about the incident described previously. His son was murdered in San Diego by a mentally deranged man.

4 thoughts on “Starbucks and the Opposition”

  1. The murder of Mr. Fineman’s son was a tragedy and a horrible crime. A true tragedy. So we’re the deaths of so many of the other NGVAC family members. Somehow, I don’t see how that translates (or justifies) the rhetoric and the compete willingness to suspend due process rights of complete strangers. It’s a strange sort of projection disorder where a person blames an tool for a tragedy.

    I hope that Mr. Fineman and his fellow Directors seeks and finds help.

  2. Let’s at least give props to Fineman for sending the check, even if he weasels the acknowledgement he was wrong. Nothing says “you won” like a check.

    I’m sorry about his son. It helps understand his views, which I would respect more were he able to respect ours.

    The sad thing is if folks like Fineman worked with folks like us, good things could happen. I think we are all interested in making society safe from the criminals and other dangerous people. There are ways we could accurately target large groups of people that should be monitored after incarceration, but they are not.

    Within our own state (MD), more than 80% of the gun crime comes from people who have been through the revolving doors of our prisons. Baltimore PD actually has a task force that does nothing but bust parolees for having “illegal” guns.

    If Mr. Fineman would help us draw attention to these issue, he would be more likely to have a positive effect. Trying to ban lawful people from lawful things won’t get him closer to his goal of preventing more violence from guns.

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