R. Lee Ermey “Retires”

You may think that gun owners are pretty much universally registered to vote. If you think that, it’s just about as funny as The Gunny in this ad. It’s actually pretty disturbing when you talk to a lot of gun owners and realize that a significant number haven’t ever bothered to register.

Because I know all of the wonderful readers here have registered at some point in their lives, I’ll just remind you to make sure yours is up-to-date. If you’ve moved or anything, you’ll need to re-register. It’s a good time to remind folks since the primaries are coming up here in the Keystone State. The deadline for candidates to file was actually yesterday, and some of our pro-gun Congressmen are going to need the help.

5 thoughts on “R. Lee Ermey “Retires””

  1. Registered and ready. I did actually miss the deadlines to vote in the last presidential election, both the mail-in deadline for my previous state (I was a student, so I could still mail-in from out of state) and the registration deadline for my new one. I was greatly relieved to know that my vote didn’t count, because both of those states went Red in the last election… phew! I’m not taking that chance with this one.

  2. If voting worked to restrain tyranny it would be a felony.

    and some of our pro-gun Congressmen are going to need the help.

    While I appreciate any support of my gun rights, all of the pro-gun politicians are anti-liberty in other areas. I’m not willing to help destroy the rule of law in order to get special privileges. That’s how they lure people into their trap.

  3. I vote, and I even participate in Caucuses (I’m going to try to be a State Delegate this year), but I also feel that voting is (at least somewhat) useless, and don’t have much confidence in being able to “fix the system” via voting. I have certain ideas on how to fix things, but I won’t go into them here, except to call one idea “continuous democracy”. That alone deserves a blog post!

    Nonetheless, I still participate, and I’m inclined to think that the more liberty-loving people participate, the better off we are.

  4. Oh, and the video is funny: I expect him to “blow up” any minute, Conan-the-Librarian-style (“Don’t you know the Dewey Decimal System?”)…and when he finally does, it’s because of an absense of voter registration. Fantastic!

  5. As I have been gathering petition signatures this season, I’ve found most of the people on my list say they don’t vote.

    They probably only registered because of motor-voter.

    And then they complain about the system. I might not like it either, but i try to bust my hump when possible to change what needs changed. More than most do.

    Funny… sorta vid. NRA’s writers dont seem to have the same impact… and their videos always look oddly the same (in style of pans, backgrounds, etc).

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