Brady Denying the Boycotters?

It’s a shame Peter Hamm is no longer with the Brady folks, because I could totally make a great joke here, but several people have informed me of the fact that the Brady folks are denying the boycott. This is perhaps an indication that Dan Gross is bringing some semblance of sensibility back to the Brady organization. Brady would now, at least, seem to know a lost cause when they see one.

In the mean time, the Brady discontents who have spun off into NGVAC are sadly reduced to begging celebrities for a retweet, and failing that even begging their own friends for some Twitter love, only to encounter crickets.

If they weren’t attempting to shred the Bill of Rights, I’d really feel sorry for them. I honestly question the mental stability of the proprietor of NGVAC, given the behavior today. I know when I’ve been beaten, and hope in that instance I’d have more grace and dignity than has been displayed today by some of our opponents.

For those not keeping track of Facebook, the event has passed 24,000 and is closing on 25,000. If you haven’t been to Starbucks today, it’s not too late!

UPDATE: When will the Coffee lobby come clean about their sales figures!

12 thoughts on “Brady Denying the Boycotters?”

  1. The manager of the local Starbucks had never heard of the NGVAC boycott when I told her of why I was in this morning. Laughed and ridiculed it and thanked me for my patronage.

  2. Typical spin. If the boycott had gone well it would be at the top of the news cycle. Instead, it will be treated as a non story and denied. Some of the NGVAC stories will be referenced as a sucess in some future news article. The moronic kind like the ones saying domestic abuse spikes at Super Bowl time or that polars bears are drowning daily.

  3. I think this fits with my grand theory of “They’ve got to save their phony baloney jobs.”

    The Bradys and CSGV both know that they are over legislatively. They decided to just turn themselves into fundraising groups to cover their salaries. CSGV staked out the “extreme” position, Brady the “moderate” position. The problem is that the true believers in gun control got mad and jumped ship, forming NGVAC. (am I the only one who pictures a big 50’s style movie computer with flashy lights that alternates between playing a game and nuking the world?)

    I think that Denny Henny was sweating bullets about this. He probably warned them off doing something like this because of the obvious humiliation if they failed, but he was worried that they might succeed. Now that they’ve failed, he and his new figurehead are probably popping champagne and celebrating. A success here could have made them irrelevant and dropped the entire gun control racket into the hands of a bunch of obvious loonies.

    Please, please, please, someone contact Jason Mattera and ask him to ambush interview Fineman. I want to hear such questions as

    “Mr. Fineman, how does it feel to be a total failure and a national laughingstock? Mr. Fineman, your boycott led to Starbucks getting record sales and overcaffenated gun owners. Could you please tell our listeners which corporation you plan on boycotting next so that they can buy stock? Mr. Fineman, level with us. This isn’t really a gun control group, is it? It’s just some massive internet prank/guerrilla marketing campaign for Starbucks, right? I mean, nothing else makes sense.”

    1. I think this fits with my grand theory of “They’ve got to save their phony baloney jobs.”

      I’m believing this really is the grand theory.

      1. Sad, ain’t it.

        Somehow I really wish they were evil geniuses. I’m going to be really disappointed when we find out that we’ve crushed a bunch of bozos who are too stupid to do any better.

        Don’t get me wrong, a victory is a victory. I just am afraid of that when we pull the curtain aside there’s going to be a little old man who will tell us that we’ve had everything we needed to get what we wanted all along. Denny Henny is a very bad man.

    2. So they’re fundraising for money to pay for their salaries? That would probably pass for logic coming from them.

      1. That’s what I think is happening. I think that the pros at Brady (as opposed to the true believers like japete and Colin Goddard’s dad) have realized that they are never going to get what they want legislatively. Sebastian has pointed out that the foundation money is drying up. So they’re in a bind. They can’t win, but they can avoid losing. Losing being defined as being turned out in the street, forced to get real jobs, and their offices re-rented to something more upscale like a crack whore training camp.

        I think their plan is to just solicit donations from citizens. They do this by being more public. They’ve used social media, and they are trying to connect with like minded people who would donate money. They need enough money to pay their salaries and pay their rent. A few bucks to pay web hosting fees would be nice too.

        The US has over 300 million people. There’ve got to be at least a million people stupid enough to give them a few bucks. That’s good money for a bunch of do-nothings. Like I said above, Brady wants to play the “moderate” group while CSGV, being a hard core Progressive organization, has staked out crazytown.

        The problem with this is that while the professional office drones just want a paycheck, the true believers actually want gun control. All you have to do is listen to these wackos to see that they are serious. Fineman is off his beam. Lori O’Neill, who tweets as @Gunsensus, is utterly deranged. They can’t accept just riding off into the sunset. They just know that if they try harder, they can rewrite Heller and McDonald, and go back to the good old days when the Second Amendment was a collective right. Like I said, deranged.

        So I think that this is the source of the current situation. NGCAV is filled with the true believers who followed their leader, Marshall Applewhite, err, I mean Elliot Fineman. He promised them that they’d knock over Starbucks and collect $10 Million a year from them to run their “real” gun control organization. Instead, they’ve run straight into the wall of reality. I suspect that they’re now readying the purple sheets, the castration knives, and the vodka and Phenobarbital.

        1. I would not go so far as to say they cannot win legislatively. They are very unpopular right now in Congress and most state legislatures, but that can change.

        2. The business plan you laid out actually describes more than a few organizations running around here in DC.

          1. I have heard that CSPI and PETA run on exactly this business model. I just assumed that once the foundation money started to dry up, Brady and CSGV would have to mirror them.

            It’s also the “Late Night Televangelist” business model. I think it fits.

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