Wisconsin CCW Working

An armed robber was shot by an armed customer of the store the robber was attempting to rob. One more victim of gun violence for our opponents to light a candle for.

2 Responses to “Wisconsin CCW Working”

  1. Stephen says:

    Now the only problem is the CCW citizen may not have seen the “no guns” signs at the entrance and may be in trouble himself. The antis at WAVE are enjoying that and hoping he goes to jail as well.

  2. Wes says:

    He could have just been open carrying. Don’t need a permit for that in WI. Anti-CCers get all bent out of shape about CC even though WI people can open carry without a permit anyway.

    He’d still be in violation of any “no guns allowed” signs at the store. If I was the owner, I’d probably be rethinking my sign policy right about now, though.