4 thoughts on “Irony of the Day”

  1. Hopefully, some small-minded prosecutor won’t decide to prosecute the defender for ignoring, in this instance, the no carry sign. Assiming North Carolina law permits same, and I do no know NC law on the subject.

    No good deed goes unpunished, remember . . .

  2. Thanks for the link.

    @GMC70: NC Law doesn’t allow for that. Walking past a sign is really just a trespass issue. There is a possiblity that the Sheriff could use that trespass to revoke the CHP, but unless it was egregious, it seems unlikely.

    It would take a real fool to call the cops on this guy and charge him with trespassing after he defended the clerk.

  3. If it does go further, part of the settlement negotiations could include a promise never to buy from that store again!

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