Bold Criminals in Wisconsin

I tend to agree with Uncle and Tam on the story about a Wisconsin open carrier who had his gun robbed from him. He lives in Wisconsin. It’s open carry or no carry there. This incident is part of the reason we need a concealed carry law in the Badger State.

At first I thought it was pretty ballsy to try to pull something like this, but if you think about it, it’s not really. All you have to do is get the drop on him. Feel confident enough to draw on a guy pointing a gun at your head? I don’t either. The great trick is not getting into a situation you get a gun pointed at your head. Everyone will make mistakes though, and if you’re targeted for robbery, and the robber is talented, you’re probably going to be screwed.

I wouldn’t be surprised, honestly, if the robber saw it as a challenge. Now he’s the criminals in the neighborhood who robbed the guy with the gun, of his gun. I’m sure that has to get you some street creds.

6 thoughts on “Bold Criminals in Wisconsin”

  1. Feel confident enough to draw on a guy pointing a gun at your head?


    This isn’t to say that I wouldn’t be sweating a great deal. But I’ve done it in training and it’s not really that big of a deal.

    The next time we get together make sure we bring some toy guns and I’ll show you how to do it.

    I can’t emphasis good training enough.

  2. A Stanford grad student I know used to keep two cap pistols that he would use to demonstrate that the old gun control canard, “You won’t be able to draw fast enough to defend yourself against a criminal with a gun” isn’t true. Even when the person playing the criminal knew Andy was going to draw a toy pistol from under his coat, there just aren’t many people whose reaction times are fast enough to pull the trigger in the time it took Andy to draw and fire.

  3. I knew something like this was bound to happen somewhere sooner or later. My guess was somewhere in California though, since the open carrying folks in that gun-unfriendly state cannot legally open carry their guns loaded. That just puts the odds so much more in favor of the bad guys if you ask me.

  4. Joe hits it on the head.

    While in Desert Storm, we filled down time by practicing hand-to-hand combat. Our instructing Gunny (in real life, a SWAT officer) had us so that we could disarm him as he pointed a cocked (unloaded) 92F at our heads before he could drop the hammer.

    The first report said he fumbled with his sidearm? Lack of training.

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