CSGV Lambasts Self-Defense

Miguel caught a bit where CSGV, and their foaming at the mouth supporters, lambasted what looks to be a case of legitimate self-defense by a Florida CWL holder. I have to agree with Uncle that they are not grounded in reality as most people understand it. I do have to admit, it’s kind of fun watching the anti-gun groups get farther and farther out there. We’ll have to see whether the Brady Center comes back to some modicum of reality under their new leadership. Still, the guy who’s next move I worry about is Bloomberg. He has the money, he’s a sharp strategist, and has been full of surprises.

One thought on “CSGV Lambasts Self-Defense”

  1. Of course they arent grounded in reality. These idiots cringe when a law abiding ccw holder greases some scumbag. It flys in the face of these gun grabbers to think We can take care of ourselves without their worthless laws and ideas. The 2nd Amendment is their worst enemy, and Our Best friend !

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