Proof that F&F Was a Plot to Bring About Gun Control

Dave Hardy links to the smoking gun at the Arizona star. Essentially F&F was concocted by the same people behind the Assault Weapons Ban in the 1990s. The smoking quote:

In an April 2010 e-mail to a colleague, Burke predicted that the operation would have a huge public impact: “It’s going to bring a lot of attention to straw purchasers of assault weapons,” he wrote. “Some of these weapons bought by these clowns in Arizona have been directly traced to murders of elected officials in Mexico by the cartels, so Katie-bar-the-door when we unveil this baby.”

So the response was to traffic more guns, and rack up more dead bodies, then hopefully the American people would wake up and ban these dangerous guns? This guy needs to go to jail.

16 Responses to “Proof that F&F Was a Plot to Bring About Gun Control”

  1. ExurbanKevin says:


    That’s it. Case closed. Impeachment is looking like a BEST case scenario for Holder right now.

    • Harold says:

      And after the (racist, of course) Republican House impeaches him, the Democratic Senate will do what…?

      Something tells me a conviction after impeachment is not in the cards, unless we’re talking about a 2nd term of the Obama Administration (since the latter might turn out to be less unelectable than, say, Romney).

      • Sebastian says:

        There’s not going to be any impeachment. The GOP wants a campaign issue. It’s in their interest to drag this out into the election.

        • Harold says:

          Do you agree with my guess that if impeached the Democratic Senate would refuse to convict, leaving him in office and an even higher profile campaign issue?

          That does take away from “It’s the economy, stupid!” main theme, although “It’s the corruption” (including economic effects) ought to be high up there.

          • Sebastian says:

            I think going for the impeachment is a bad idea if you know you can’t get a conviction. Impeachment only helped Bill Clinton’s popularity. I think it’s better off as an election issue. The media will not spin an impeachment favorably, and they’ll just make it look like it’s the GOP out to get Obama in an election year.

  2. Harry Schell says:

    There is no way to misinterepret Burke’s drooling over a goal he thought at hand, after failing as a Senate aide to see his AWB become permanent, and working consistently through his public career to disarm citizens.

    He really thought he was so clever. Probably still does.

    It should be a Mexican jail, too.

  3. Dannytheman says:

    Yup, someone else said it. Off to Mexico. That is where I would send him!

  4. mobo says:

    Nothing to see here….. Move along…..

  5. SayUncle says:

    That’s crazy talk. Media Matters told me so.

  6. Pyrotek85 says:

    “This guy needs to go to jail.”

    Mexican jail? Yes

    • Sage Thrasher says:

      300 murders linked to F&F guns and counting, including from very prominent anti-cartel politicians…sounds like grounds for extradition to me. Can you imagine the US reaction if another country had done this to us??? It would be war. The least we can do is hand over these clowns.

      • Pyrotek85 says:

        Yep, I had heard that said before. If the Mexican government sent drugs north without our knowledge and consent and citizens died because of it, we’d want heads to roll. What bothers me even more is how many people seem to be OK with this.

  7. Sage Thrasher says:

    I don’t believe for a minute that Burke went rogue; there’s just no way such a careful political animal would go out on a limb like this. Also, when you look at the concerted efforts at DoJ & State that coincided with F&F, it’s clearly a broad-based plan that includes at least Holder, and probably Napolitano and Clinton, if not their boss. I hope Issa & Grassley don’t wait too much longer. Holder is slippery as an eel & maybe they’re just waiting to catch him cold on perjury, too, but I doubt they will. They ought to go forward with what they have, give Burke & Newell partial immunity (but not total) if that’s what it takes. Holder needs to go and America needs to see it.

  8. DirtCrashr says:

    I wouldn’t want to get on an airplane with Eric Holder anytime soon, or meet him at Ft. Marcy Park in Washington, DC…

  9. Daeglan says:

    I see 2 things. 1. isn’t it kind of racist to “sacrifice” those brown folk to get what you want?
    2. Aren’t these guys accessories to murder?

    • Harold says:

      1) To paraphrase … Napoleon?, better to break free range brown eggs than white ones in making this omelet.

      2) A whole bunch of laws were very clearly broken even before you get to things like accessories or conspiracy; fortunately, we can rest assured that Attorney General Holder will vigorously prosecute this outlaw gang.


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