The Big Brady Announcement…

There was some speculation about the big announcement being teased by the Brady Campaign today. With quite possibly the most danceable modern video ever produced by the anti-gun group, some wondered if it would be epic.

Did they secure Gabby Giffords as a new spokeswoman so they could re-launch as the Giffords Campaign? Did they snag a president that someone has actually heard of before today? Were they launching a rival campaign to Bloomberg’s efforts that continually rip the attention, headlines, and support away from their group?

I didn’t post about it because I had a gut feeling that it wasn’t terribly exciting. I figured that it would be a repackaged legislative initiative at best. I was so wrong. It was even less interesting than that.

The Brady Campaign wants you to light a candle.

Yes, they want you to light a candle. Because candles will stop violence. Their new webpage about candles says that lighting a candle will stop a bullet. What? You think I’m kidding?

Imagine stopping a bullet before it kills a child.
Impossible? Not with your help! All across America people are coming together to save lives from preventable gun violence. Will you join them, and the Brady Campaign, as we host a nationwide candlelight vigil to honor victims of gun violence?

Perhaps the candles will also inject some personality into Dennis Henigan as he reads his script. The candles might also buy them some new audio equipment. If candles can stop bullets, then they can do anything in this season of holiday miracles, right?

21 thoughts on “The Big Brady Announcement…”

  1. A candle. The big announcement is about a freaking candle. That’s it?


  2. I think we should all go on their new website and post stories about violent criminals that were stopped with guns.

  3. “You can volunteer to host your own vigil.”

    Seems like a perfect opportunity to teach people about using guns to protect themselves.

    1. I seriously propose we volunteer for a vigil but instead of candles we show up with SureFire LED flashlights and our won literature. With the high-lumens LED flashlights pointing straight up into the sky, I’m sure one could attract more curiosity.

      Here’s the link to the Find A Vigil Near you:

  4. Jerome Isaac lit a candle.

    Well, technically, it wasn’t a candle. It was a Molotov cocktail. Then he threw it into an elevator with a 73 year old woman he’d previously sprayed with a flammable liquid and burned her to death.

    And the only thing New York City’s gun control laws did was deny that woman the ability to fight back.

    (I apologize for hammering on this but it is one of the more shocking and appalling stories I’ve seen in a while.)

  5. Light a candle…at Christmas and Hanukkah time?

    If Brady said to put a pumpkin out front to “raise awareness” of gun control, in October, would they then claim that all the jack-o’-lanterns everywhere were a sign of their surging support?

    If they really had brass, they’d ask us to light fireworks on the 4th of July!

    1. My thoughts exactly. No doubt there will be photos of all the candles lit in the windows during this holiday season as proof that they are a far reaching organization doing the work of–and with the support–of the little people.

      Can we laugh at them now?

  6. Stand by for another big announcement on Jan 9th. They will claim that every candle sold in the U.S. over the past two years was lit on the 8th in support of some program or other Brady is running.

  7. Okay. You are the “acting President” of a purportedly national organization that gets millions of dollars to promote a message and your “big announcement” is a candlelight vigil like the one a gaggle of college cheerleaders just held locally to bring awareness to domestic violence? Pathetic.

  8. The fallacy of policies the Brady Campaign espouses are all too apparent in the face of common sense today. Gun control and prior restraint laws are losers. The nation has already seen one failed “assault weapon,” and more such laws that are still active across the nation, with no evidence that they work. The only thing these laws do is quash freedom and empower politicians to invite themselves into our lives. Gun control has failed politically as well as in the practical sense. Could this be an admission that the Brady Campaign is a failure. That all the Brady Campaign can do is light a candle. In the same manner that they wish victims to behave in the face of criminal aggressors.

  9. …….and after your vigil please mail all candles to Brady Campaign HQ because we are having problems keeping the lights on.

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