What’s Missing from the Brady Candle Lighting Ceremony?

Besides candles, what’s missing from their “big” announcement of a candle-lighting ceremony? Joe Huffman caught it.

They list a number of locations where you can join in a “National Candlelight Vigil”. The interesting thing is they only list 28 locations in 15 states. There are no events in many of the cities and states where they claim to have chapters. This includes the supposed chapter in Arizona! This state in particular is significant because the event date, January 8th, was chosen as the anniversary of the Tucson, Arizona shooting in which Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) was severely wounded and six people were killed.

He includes the full list of Brady “chapters” who are not participating in their event, and you might be surprised at those who are sitting out. Delaware, the home “chapter” of Sarah Brady, is sitting this one out. Three-quarters of their chapters in New Jersey are planning on skipping this event. In the area surrounding their headquarters, the Maryland chapter and three of the four Virginia chapters are passing on the big day. Their chapter in Wisconsin must be demoralized after losing on concealed carry since they are also shying away from the event. There are more, those are just the highlights.

6 thoughts on “What’s Missing from the Brady Candle Lighting Ceremony?”

  1. It’s pretty obvious what’s missing in the Brady Campaign. People. If they had the people, they’d have the vigils. They don’t have the people, so they won’t have the vigils.

    I’m planning on counterprotesting the Raleigh one. No sense letting them have the moral high ground uncontested.

    Can we get the government to brand them a hate group yet?

    1. You’re going to “counterprotest” a vigil for murder victims. What exactly offends you about a person who was shot to death?

      And you call Brady a hate group? You should be branded an idiot.

      1. Welcome to the discussion, GGirl. You’re only a couple of days late.
        1. Why counter-protest “a vigil for murder victims.” I don’t plan on doing that. I plan on counter-protesting the Brady Campaign, which is not the same thing at all. The Brady Campaign doesn’t care about “murder victims” per-se. They only care about that subset of murder victims who were killed by a person using a gun. As far as they are concerned, if you get murdered with a knife, you don’t count. Also, they don’t bother to point out that the majority of those who are murdered are people who were involved in the drug trade. I am sure that you will argue that, but maybe you should go ask your local cops what percentage of murders are gang and drug related and how many are committed by otherwise law abiding citizens before you try to argue with me on this one.
        2. The Brady Campaign acts to suppress the enumerated, individual civil rights of the people. What would you call a group that worked to suppress your right to free speech? Or your right to worship freely? The Brady Campaign is anti-civil rights, which makes them a hate group.

        The Brady Campaign is attempting to make themselves relevant once again in US politics. They have been crushed at every turn. They lost the battle to re-establish the so-called “assault weapons” ban. They lost Heller. They lost McDonald. They lost the battle to stop concealed carry in National Parks. They lost the battle to stop Shall Issue concealed carry in Wisconsin. You would not believe how badly they are getting beaten in most of the 50 states’ legislatures. In short, they’ve been getting their backsides kicked all over the political landscape. They’ve fired their former leader, probably because he cost more than they were receiving in “donations” and grants. They need money, badly. They can’t even pay themselves a decent salary. They gotta protect their phony baloney jobs. (http://youtu.be/uTmfwklFM-M)

        So what do you think desperate people, losing on every front, do to remain relevant? They hold meaningless rallies marching around with candles and try to Leni Riefenstahl their way back into public prominence. They hope that by attempting to cover themselves in the metaphorical blood of the drug war dead that we will be fooled into believing that they are some sort of associate victims. If they goosestep around with candles, maybe we’ll be moved by their mawkish sentimentality. In reality, the leaders of this anti-freedom crusade are hiding behind the bodies of the dead. They are using the real dead as human shields for their deliberate suppression of our civil rights. And worst of all, they are trying to wave the bloody shirts of the dead to drum up some cash donations to fund their hate.

        I plan on treating the Brady Campaign the exact same way I would treat the KKK. They are, after all, both engaged in the same exact mission. They both are trying to stop a portion of our citizens from freely exercising their civil rights.

  2. Agreed, Sean D. Those “chapters” opting out are undoubtedly doing so as a means of avoiding the emarassment of having only two or three people (if that) showing up to an announced event.

    It would be interesting to have someone show up at each of the participating events and document the number of Brady supporters that appear.

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