Candlelight Vigils without the Candles

I swear, the Brady Campaign “big announcement” candlelight vigil actually falls into the category of sad the more you look into it. People have been joking about how they are advocating use of an item that’s actually pretty dangerous.

I noticed that several of their events in Pennsylvania, Texas, and California demand that you leave your candles at home when attending the candlelight vigil. Instead, it is mandatory that you only use flameless candles. For the California event with the restriction, the mandate is for LED lights only.

There is nothing they won’t try to control in your life – even your use of a candle at a candlelight vigil.

9 thoughts on “Candlelight Vigils without the Candles”

  1. I can understand the bans on candles. You wouldn’t want to bring one of those nasty military-style extended capacity candles with the assault wicks and the shoulder thing that goes up.

    The BATFE has data that shows that 90% of the fires in Mexico can be traced back to candles from Yankee Candle Company and other candle stores along the border. I hear they’re coming out with a new regulation to limit sales of candles to six or fewer at one time at one store, which means my youngest son’s 7th birthday next year is gonna SUCK.

  2. More proof they will stop at nothing less than a total ban. After guns, then knives. The bottom line is if they won’t trust you with a candle, why would they trust you with anything else?

  3. What a bunch of douches. They ask you to do something totally pointless in hopes of drumming up support for their cause while ignoring the fact that most of their “too many victims” are criminals shot as part of the drug trade. Then they find out that their pointless gesture is illegal. It’s amateur hour over in Brady Land.

  4. Sounds like the West Chester, Pa event would be a great place to hold an open carry event.

  5. Sounds like there should be a Pro-Gun LED Tac-Light Vigil. To mourn the deaths of all those the Bradys don’t count just because it wasn’t a gun death.
    Imagine 300 to 400 200-lumen pocket AA lights shining up into the moonless night sky. People will wonder if it’s a searchlight opening up a new car lot or something.

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