Houston ATF Chief, Retiring, Calls for More Gun Control

He’d like you know he’s gone up against a wide variety of criminals in his career, including Tim McVeigh (glad he was on top of that one, people could have gotten hurt). Now he’s saying we need to make changes to our laws to stop Mexican trafficking. Keep in mind that this gentleman ran a tight ship. A true American hero, we have here. A true champion for our opponents, no doubt.

2 thoughts on “Houston ATF Chief, Retiring, Calls for More Gun Control”

  1. “You don’t have to show anything to buy ammunition anywhere in this country”

    I’d like to see him try that in New Jersey.

  2. Interesting that a retiring political appointee toes the party line on Fast and Furious and gun control. I’ll bet a $1 this guy gets another government job in about 6 or so months (probably as a contractor so as to not interfere with his pension).

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