The Ridiculousness of it All

Well, it would seem some folks have touched a nerve with CSGV, that now they’ve taken to outing and libeling people on their blog. By now we’ve gotten used to it, of course if they had paid attention carefully they would realize those words are not mine (Sebastian) but those of my co-blogger Bitter.

Let me be clear here, what Congresswoman Giffords attended in Tucson was a memorial gesture in honor of the victims of that mass shooting.

Suzi Hileman, who took her young friend and neighbor, 9-year-old Christina-Taylor Green, to meet Giffords that day, took the stage at the vigil and hugged Giffords, walking to the candle area, lighting one of 19 candles for all those killed and wounded, and mouthing “thank you” to the crowd.

I don’t bemoan anyone there doing whatever makes them assuage the loss, and to help heal their community. But what the anti-gun groups like CSGV and Brady are doing is not that. What they are doing is a publicity stunt. In fact, I’ve wondered if their candle event was intended to draw media attention to themselves, in the hopes that reporters would believe that perhaps their candle lighting event was somehow related to the true memorial service in Tucson. We don’t mock anyone’s suffering. We do mock a group of busybodies trying to draw attention to themselves by taking away from the true event in Tucson, in an attempt to get media attention to their cause of taking other people’s freedoms away.

UPDATE: It would seem CSGV has corrected their oversight, and added a few more items for which I don’t apologize. Once your grief crosses over into trying to remove my freedoms and shred part of the Bill of Rights you can no longer claim the right to be left alone.

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  1. interesting that the links on the left side of their webpage are labelled “gun control” blogs.

  2. So far not a single hit from their FB post or blog. This is probably the most amount of traffic they’ve seen in months, if not years.

  3. Crazy!!! As if a candle alone did anything? You are right, as usual. I did say a little prayer for the killed and wounded that day! I also lit my candle on my blog to let people know I care also!

    They are so tacky/tasteless and ignorant, they can’t see their own self indulgence!

  4. It is amazing how they take criticism of a stunt (or, really, the fact that the stunt was so highly publicized as a MAJOR thing) that won’t actually help them reach any of their public policy goals (not that I mind) as a sign that we’re simply haters of every victim of violence. I’ve said before that I could argue their position better than most of their top advocates can, and I could certainly come up with ideas that do a better job of actually advancing a cause.

    Next up: They will talk about how heartless it is that I criticized the rampant errors in grammar and layout in a final draft of a formal publication created by anti-gun groups. I’m sure they would say I should love and respect all of those style mistakes, and grammar is subjective as long as one’s anti-gun heart is in the right place.

  5. I’d light a candle, but there were 128 accidental deaths in 2010 from candles. The same number of children were killed in accidental candle fires as were in accidental shootings.

    Ban candles.

  6. Of course, they’re outing and libeling people. It’s a characteristic of sociopaths that they don’t respect boundaries. They’d be sending us to prisons to be beaten, raped and killed if they could. They would do that. They’ve done it. It’s the policy that they advocate day in and day out for us, simply because we want to protect ourselves from their criminal compadres, and from them and the predations they would inflict on us. Their behavior should be criminalized so that they leave us alone and stop abusing us. We need to stop their organized abuse of gun owners!

    They love their criminals, which is why they only go after law-abiding gun owners. 800 mourners for a convicted criminal who pulled a gun on the cops and had to be shot? They love their criminals, but they hate us. The death penalty for gangbangers who kill? Not going to happen. The left loves their killer gangbangers, but they don’t love law-abiding gun owners – they do want to see more gun laws – for us, but not for their beloved criminals.

  7. Somewhat off topic, but it reminds me of people who run marathons to “raise awareness” for diseases everyone is aware of. Breast cancer, prostate cancer, HIV – how does running a race raise awareness? Is it possible to get out of high school without suffering through hours of HIV-awareness training? If you want to fight cancer or AIDs, buy stock in a pharmaceutical start up company doing research in your area. For example, the Susan Komen Race for the Cure (which advertises heavily in my area) is as intellectually lacking as this Light a Candle Instead of Doing Something campaign.

  8. Man, I feel slighted. I hammered their #TooManyVictims hashtag all night, I counterprotested the local vigil and even got on TV. And they still didn’t mention me.

    What do I have to do to get attacked by these people who no one but us listens to?

      1. I’m just glad I made the decision to add my middle initial to my name when I started commenting heavily about a year before I started blogging. What if Jade had mistaken me for Sean T. Sorrentino?
        A kid in Ohio who likes to wear hoodies. He got arrested here (11:08 Sat 12 Feb 2011, page 4)

        or maybe this guy up in your neck of the woods
        who apparently works at Abercrombie and Fitch.

        Yeah, good thing I added the “D.” Before Laddie boy decides to out me, I’ll out myself. It stands for “David.”

  9. A whole One person +1’d them. I personally was greatly saddened by their sexist discrimination in only outing Bitter as the wife of Sebastian, and not by name or accomplishments. It’s the 2010’s, guys…

    1. I don’t think it’s sexism. I think it’s poor research opposition skills. The reason they referred to her that way is because that’s all they know her as.

      1. That was very tongue-in-cheek. I know that GSGV is politically correct, if nothing in the world else (honest, intellectually rigorous, useful).

        But in the same breath…if they can accuse us (you, I should say) of mocking the victims of violence when we mock CSGV for glorifying helplessness, we should be able to make any even reasonably plausible counter-accusation.

    2. What really makes it amusing is that Bitter is considerably higher profile on the Internet than me, because she was a bit of a media sensation for a while when she was back in college.

  10. I need a nickname. Apparently I cannot be more famous as a blogger if I don’t have one and get outed by Ladd.

    Hey! I got one…. “Hispanic Fly in the Ointment”.

    1. I like it! Ladd ignored me as well since I go by my real name. Maybe I should be “Middle-aged Gunny with Gray Goatee”. Or just M-G-3.

    2. If we’re going to assign ourselves “secret blogger identities,” I need one too. I’m half Italian, half Scottish.

      I’m going with “Gaelic Garlic.”

      I think that sounds better than “Haggis Pizza.”

      1. Just like a Scot to get the alliteration wrong.

        Try “The Garlic Gael”.

    3. Maybe “Spanish Fly” rather than “Hispanic Fly”? Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge.

      How about “Sand in the Vaseline”?

  11. “…to gun violence survivor Joan Peterson, who lost her sister in a gun homicide…”
    How does this make JaPeet a survivor? The incident didn’t happen to her. Maybe I need to return to kindergarten and learn Ingrish or something…
    I’d be totally embarassed to call myself a ‘survivor’ if a family member died from something and I didn’t. Seriously- it’s kind of like being a cancer survivor without ever having had the disease.
    (shaking heaad… I dunno, maybe not even worth commenting on considering the kind of people they are)
    Shy III

    1. Shy, they need to claim the Moral High road of being a victim. So they create a new class of victims: Victim-In-Law.

  12. And japete is given so much credibility due to her sister’s murder by a man known to be a criminal, yet you’ll never hear them mention Suzanna Hupp or Nikki Goeser.

    1. That’s why they WANT to all be victims. Because I communicate with Joan and question her motives and policies, I’m not discussing the issue, I’m “Mocking a Victim”, and obviously I’m a villain.

      BTW I sent the same comment to Baldr Odinson (not his real name) but I won’t get any flack from that because Baldr doesn’t have any familial blood to dance in.

      Oh and pro-gun people who were victimized by violent crime are essentially told to fuck off, because their victim hood isn’t useful for their cause.

  13. There’s a conspicuous lack of JayG mentioned… probably because he celebrates those who take action with the DGC.
    You can’t really be a victim if you try to fight back, just like you can’t be a survivor when all you do is roll over and let evil make you a victim.

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