A Sign of the Times

I figured the Obama Administration was never going to live up to people’s high expectations. What I did not expect is that Congress would need to insert a funding amendment that would essentially tell the Administration that it can’t traffic firearms to drug cartels anymore. This funding rider passed with overwhelming bipartisan support. I am pleased that not trafficking firearms to drug cartels is a position that draws support from both parties.

Funding riders like this have actual teeth. While F&F arguably broke a number of federal laws, misappropriating funds is also a crime, and one that’s easier to prosecute for.

2 thoughts on “A Sign of the Times”

  1. $600 toilet seats and $400 hammers. There are a lot of secret programs skimming funding from other legit programs.

  2. They may have been altered like movie gunz, which have a partially obstructed bore so some lazy klutz doesn’t “accidentally” put a live round in one. Plus the BFA doesn’t look TACTIKEWL if the TWEE cameras are running on the latest ninja training session.

    If that is the case, I know of a company that sells replacement MP5 barrels, if somebody offers you one cheep.

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