“Florida Loophole” in the Press

This time in St. Louis, but still using Philly as an example. We’ve documented previously that these articles have been popping up all over. The purpose of this article is to help defeat HR822, it would seem. It’s worth noting that HR822 does not extend to residents in their home states, so both before and after HR822, this Florida issue is still completely a matter of state prerogatives.

The city argues that it needs latitude in determining who is a threat, because of long-standing problems in the court system. A Philadelphia Inquirer report last year noted that while prosecutors in other big cities win felony convictions in half of violent-crime cases, in Philadelphia, prosecutors had been winning only 20 percent.

It seems to me that this is the real problem to fix. You can’t have a revolving door justice system and expect to turn your city as a whole into a kind of low-level prison, where we all have to deal with more restrictive laws because the City can’t serve basic functions such as controlling crime. It is also absolutely inappropriate to consider arrests, rather than convictions, in determining who is permitted to exercise a constitutional right.

One thought on ““Florida Loophole” in the Press”

  1. It seems to me that the inept PPD is arresting people who have not committed crimes, and the DA’s office is not dropping these cases. There is a serious justice problem in Philly. It’s far better for 100 guilty men to go free than it is for 1 innocent man going to jail.

    It seems the PPD gun permit unit wants to use arrests as if they are convictions. They are punishing people for crimes which they were found not guilt of committing. This is a serious miscarriage of justice.

    The whole LTCF issue in Philly will only be fixed when PA becomes a true shall issue state and eliminates the subjective criteria bring used by Philly as grounds for denial. I can believe that someone can get an ACT235 card yet be denial a LTCF in Philly.

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