Bloomberg is Scared

He commissioned a poll, which isn’t cheap, to try to defeat National Concealed Carry Reciprocity, HR822. It comes with a brand new web site. When I first clicked on it, I thought maybe the individuals were MAIG mayors, since I believe MAIG mayors have also been convicted of all those things, and at greater rates than concealed carry license holders.

Remember, if your mayor is in MAIG, it’s time to get him or her out. They are putting their names on opposing your rights. It should be made abundantly clear to MAIG mayors that they are supporting gun control. Don’t let them tell you otherwise.

It’s interesting, because you can see the poll results here. 35% favor the bill. 38% oppose. 28% are undecided. This poll actually doesn’t look good at all for MAIG, so I’m not sure why they are publishing it. The politicians know quite well that overwhelming majorities support the phony assault weapons ban back in 1994, and Democrats still got their asses handed to them when it came time to put people in the voting booths.

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  1. Notice all the “convicted” people listed would be federally barred from firearms ownership? The three listed are all M1 or F class crimes in Pa.

  2. What I find just flabbergasting is that his latest arguments are all couched in the importance of local control and the danger of federal government standards.

    But everyone knows that he’s constantly calling for the federal government to pass more and more laws that would affect the entire nation.

    This kind of blatant hypocrisy just cannot fool very many people for very long.

  3. Man, you gotta shake your head at their “domestic violence scene” picture at the website. Dude is wearing a tank-top undershirt and everything . . . .

  4. I’m impressed that they are even scared enough to create a website and commission a poll. Spending money on defeating HR 822 must mean it stands some sort of chance of passing greater than 0%.

  5. If Bloomberg and MAIG are nervous about the passage of HR822, that means our side poses a legitimate chance of succeeding in this. It is NOT time to let up or be complacent about it. Write your Congress-minions, get on the phone, start banging the freakin’ pots and pans, make some NOISE! Get some attention to this! We (gun owners) have numbers on our side, we need to get better about using them.

  6. Eventually, he runs out if money. We should thank him for contributing to the economy. After all, pollsters gotta eat.

  7. Andy: unfortunately, it could take him a long time to run out of money.. he’s a billionaire.

  8. My F-€£|^* G-D. The only time these dirty bastards shill for states rights over federal authority is when they are restricting gun rights. TRAITORS. Totally having a RCOB moment. MUST NOT SMASH IPHONE.

  9. I think scared is not the right word. Alarmed, maybe. He has the means and the connections to stay in this game. He obviously. to at least me, does not respect/appreciate the Brady Bunch. He is self financed which makes him ore dangerous than Brady who has to beg for foundation money!

  10. Not once did they call out that residency requirements coupled with states’ refusal to issue non-resident carry permits are the reason many of us support federal legislation on this.

    The states I mostly visit, NY, NJ, and OH won’t issue me a permit because I don’t reside there. I would go through whatever background checks and safety training they want (and I’d pass with flying colors) if they’d just drop the residency requirement.

    Call it what it is! they couched this survey’s questions to end up with an answer that “if you are not a resident of MY state, that means I’M not not safe with you in MY state”

    Xenophobia is defined as “an unreasonable fear or hatred of foreigners or strangers or of that which is foreign or strange”.

  11. Just cus you have a nationwide concealed carry permit will not mean that you can lawfully possess a gun under every state’s laws. I can see states like NY screwing with people by arresting them for unlawful possession even though their permit is valid.

  12. If there is anyone that can waste money, it’s Bloomberg. How on earth did he get to be so rich? Oh yeah, hes really good at spending everyone else’s money, except his. LOL! What a waste.

  13. Ted Adkins: spending other people’s money while saving your own, that’s a good habit to have if you want to get rich, heh.

  14. Andy, I don’t think he cares about the money. After all its NYC taxpayer money.

  15. Shawn:

    Just to be clear, you should know that Mike Bloomberg funds at least some of his gun control initiatives out of his own pocket.

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