NPR Highlights MAIG

NPR is willing to cover MAIG’s declining numbers, but I haven’t seen anything in the main stream press about it. Bloomberg’s group is claiming that even though 60 mayors have left since NRA started its campaign, that 110 more have joined. Funny, I don’t they are listing them. Is MAIG going to turn into a secret society of mayors, where he claims to have 450 members, but nobody knows who they are? NPR also notes that Pennsylvania has about 100 members, the most mayors of any state.

It’s my opinion that the anti-gun folks think Pennsylvania is the weakest of the states generally regarded as pro-gun. I don’t think it’s as weak as they think it is, but nor do I think it is as pro-gun as many think.

2 thoughts on “NPR Highlights MAIG”

  1. Odds are against, but it’s looking like Co-Chair Tom Menino of Boston might loose the election tomorrow.

    Of course there’s also a lot of talk about a huge number of missing emails from his office, and potential connections to a pay-to-play scheme involving Boston Liquor licenses.

    We shall see.

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