NRA Needs to Shorten the Leash on their Fundraising People

We had a pretty good narrative going there about our opponents using 9/11, and then someone at NRA had to jump in and ruin the party by doing something stupid. The anti-gun groups are busy shaming NRA for using the 9/11 anniversary to fundraise for itself, and they are right to. If you’re going to do a fundraising mailer, or e-mailer, using 9/11 as your catch, you ought to at least make sure it’s clear that money is going to be earmarked for programs that benefit our soldiers and/or first responders. Otherwise it’s just poor taste.

11 thoughts on “NRA Needs to Shorten the Leash on their Fundraising People”

  1. Um, the NRA is notorious for being run first and foremost for the benefit of these people. To do what you desire would require swapping who’s holding the leash and who’s leashed.

  2. The biggest mistake NRA detractors make is assuming it’s a monolithic organization that is of a single mind. It’s not. I’m making it clear to them which side of this issue I’m on.

  3. I will disagree on this one.

    I do remember finding out about the attack, heading home and reaching inside my gun cabinet for the shotgun and the case of shells, followed by my handgun and loaded magazines. Calling the cops did not even cross my mind. We did not know what was going on or what was going to happen next but I bet I was not the only one that reached for a weapon and was on standby.

    Bradys & Allies want to make sure that if another 9/11 happens, I have nothing to reach for inside my gun cabinet.
    Not happening.

  4. Our national history belongs to everyone. If NRA wants to reference a historical event in their fundraising effort and show how it’s relevant to the need to protect freedom, that’s fine.
    Criticism against NRA on this issue is a more subtle variation on the old complaint that NRA sends out too many fundraising letters.
    Once again I’ll say, NRA leadership has a responsibility to the membership to engage in strong fundraising. If they don’t do that, then they should be voted out.
    I understand the connection between 9/11 and the need to protect freedom. I’m glad that the NRA understands that too, and I’m glad that they have the balls to say so, publicly, and that they also have the courage to put their hand out for a donation at the same time. The leadership should not be a bunch of overly sensitive wimps who are afraid to speak their minds because they might be criticized. I’m glad they aren’t. Mas cojones!

  5. I’m not criticizing them for fundraising… I agree they have to fundraise… but some fundraising methods I don’t find acceptable. This isn’t the first fundraising method I’ve given NRA a hard time about.

  6. Every Brady and Joyce shill that has a mouthpiece wrote a Piece in the last few days about the “Terror Gap” framed on 9-11.

    Just sayin’

    I’d say its a wash.

  7. The NRA are interested in only one thing, your money. I joined Gun Owners of America.

  8. GOA? And you brag about that?!

    I am with Sebastian, I think the NRA needed to think more about this decision. I called, e mailed to let them know it too!

    They are not perfect, but as the largest/strongest, they need to do it better than the rest!!

    I read it, and shook my head. And then to see Wayne’s name attached to it? OUCH!!

  9. GOA is interested in only one thing too, hate to tell you.

    If only; politically the GOA strays rather too far from gun politics to general conservative politics.

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