Good Night for the Second Amendment

Another good night for the Second Amendment, according to Dave Kopel. This is considering higher profile races, where we did indeed succeed. Bitter is currently researching, and will be posting later, how MAIG mayors faired in the elections. NRA did not get involved in mayoral races in Pennsylvania, but by now gun owners are aware, and while we got rid of a lot of MAIG mayors, not all of them we got rid of in head-to-head races. I will let Bitter give you the more informed view of our ongoing battle against MAIG.

One good thing about last night, Bloomberg paid something like $180 dollars for every vote he got, and he didn’t win by a huge margin. If Bloomberg has to keep dumping this kind of money into getting re-elected, we have to wonder how long it will be before he doesn’t have any money left over for MAIG!

2 thoughts on “Good Night for the Second Amendment”

  1. Everybody is looking for spin.

    The biggest spin I can find is this: Obama has one year to jam through every measure he wants to get through. That includes Obamacare, gun control, whatever. He’s got up until next November because he may not hold a Dem majority after that.

  2. The Obama & Pelosi show sure isn’t acting like they have a majority; nor are the Blue Dogs giving them a reliable majority. The Dem caucus may have more mebers than the Republicans; but the Blue Dogs sure aren’t listening to their “betters”.

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