Will This Shut The Gun Control Crowd Up?

Crimes in Virginia bars drops in the wake of liberalizing concealed carry in restaurants, says the Richmond Times-Dispatch. How many times does this have to happen before our opponents concede their ridiculous hysteria over this, and other concealed carry related topics is completely overblown? But they won’t. It would destroy their fragile world view, where law-abiding people with guns is a great danger. No, they will take the single case mentioned here:

One of the few unambiguous cases of a concealed-gun permit holder breaking the law occurred on July 28, 2010 — 27 days after the law became active — at a deli in York County. In that case, a patron who had been drinking heavily with a gun concealed in his pocket allegedly sexually harassed a female waitress and, at one point, placed his hand over his hidden gun so the waitress could see its outline.

After making a comment the waitress construed as a threat, the man left but was stopped a short time later by police. They recovered a .380-caliber pistol from his pants pocket and charged him with driving under the influence, brandishing a firearm and carrying a concealed weapon.

To which they’ll respond: “See, we told you!” They’ve turned into hucksters; people peddling random news stories as proof there’s an aggregate problem, no matter what the actual statistics seem to bear out. The truth is, if the media is covering it, that suggests it’s not a common occurrence to begin with. They will keep up the chicken little routine, and keep being proven wrong again, again, and again. They will keep trying to make those of us who are responsible people responsible for the actions of the irresponsible. This is who they are.

3 thoughts on “Will This Shut The Gun Control Crowd Up?”

  1. Nothing will shut the gun control crowd up.

    When I was a lot younger, I was in favor of trying to reach a compromise. Then I realized that the 2nd Amendment guys had the right of it, that the gun control crowd wants total confiscation of everything from Daisy BB guns on up.

    Now I am in favor of a total repeal of the `34 NFA.

  2. I’ll compromise my 2A if those anti-gunners, all of them, compromise on their right to breath.

    Then I’ll say “gotcha about the compromise, nothing I can do; it’s in the Cons’ution.”

  3. Markie Marxist sez: “Oh, really? Well, let me tell you, crimes in Virginia bars may have dropped because of liberalizing CCW, but they would have dropped a whole lot more by doing nothing, because doing nothing would have been a big change! I mean, uh, doing nothing would have had a bigger impact than liberalizing CCW, because it would have been no change at all! Well, uhh, it was something like that, that would have been better, because it was the same, which would have been a big change, because it wasn’t different. Hmmm . . . usually we Marxists can rationalize our way out of these gun rights successes. We’ll have to work on this one. For a while. Maybe. Or something like that. Maybe my commie compadres at the New York Times can help out. They’re really good at doing subtle stuff, like insinuating things with oblique innuendo, or creating a vague air of uncertainty just when it’s useful. They’re like pastry chefs of propaganda! It’s not too surprising though, the very air in the New York Times building is Marxist, and they breathe it all day long. They’re steeped in it. They‘ll always be on our side on the gun issue. I think it’s in the water there too.”

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