Obama on Concealed Carry

Bucks Right has the audio of Obama saying he supports banning concealed carry of a firearm federally, despite 40 states allowing concealed carry with a license, and two that do not require any license.  I’d love to see Obama tell Alaskans they can’t carry guns.  It’s grizzly bear food you can believe in!

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  1. What scares me the most about this is that he assumes that the federal government has the power to ban concealed carry througout the states. Which section of the constitution gives congress this newly discovered power?

  2. I said it once (or twice) and I’ll say it again: there’s nothing but shit coming out of his asshole-colored mouth.

  3. I am damn near positive the Copy of the Constitution that I have does not give the Federal Government the authority to ban handguns in the States. Actually, the copy I have does not give anyone the authority to ban handguns!

  4. Infringements abound already. Look at the REAL ID act for a potential precedent here, via a vis federal infringement on states’ rights.

    b-HO has a lot of potential avenues for attack here – I would expect it to become a matter of administrative governance, much like the NHTSA or the TSA or FDA or a zillion others.

    Look for a “Department of Firearms Safety” or somesuch to arise – sidesteps those nasty courts and pesky elected officials entirely. “Gun owners are such CHILDREN really… this is for their OWN GOOD don’t you know.”

    I suppose I should add I’m not in favor of such infringements, or administrative end-runs… just so you know.

  5. Sometimes people forget that the civil war was about States Rights more than slavery.

    Most people, having been “educated” in government-run schools, never knew it.

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  7. Fair enough… “states’ rights” is a phrase welded into my brain. I need to put a cerebral grinder to that phrase.

    Excellent point.

  8. “What are states rights? States don’t have rights, they have powers. Only people have rights.”

    Yes you are correct it’s just that, as Dock said, the phrase is stuck in my head. Guess I had better get to fixin that.

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  10. Sebastian,

    Please listen to the audio again. He doesn’t say he supports banning concealed carry of a firearm federally. How is it possible you heard that? Just like the NRA, Obama supports a federal ban on conceal carry laws. Laws, not guns. If you don’t understand what that means, it is understandable. It means there should be a federal ban on any laws regarding CCW. Why do you think the NRA isn’t going crazy over what people think they are hearing him say? Because they 100% support banning federal CCW laws, too. It is up to each state to decide CCW laws. Not the Senate, the House, or the SC, and certainly not any sitting POTUS.

  11. BearArms:

    He was running as a candidate for federal office, saying he supports a ban on concealed carry laws. How as Congress, do you ban yourself from making laws? That’s absurd. If you support states controlling CCW, then you simply fail to support a bill mandating it. How could that be construed as anything other than a federal ban on states from passing concealed carry laws? Especially given NPR’s introduction to the topic.

  12. It isn’t absurd, it is a necessity. A federal ban on CCW laws would insure no gun grabbing congressperson could ever again introduce a bill banning CC weapons. It would assure the State laws stand until the State decides to change them. I am sorry you think it means he wants to ban states from passing CC laws, it doesn’t. He has always insisted this isn’t something the courts, congress, or president should ever legislate.

    If you listen to the entire interview and not just a 10 second clip, earlier he said and I quote:

    “Sportsman and hunters should be able to continue to use their weapons in a law abiding safe way. Individuals in jurisdictions where they are permitted should be able to have handguns to protect their families”.

    So how the hell can he be for them one minute and against them the next. He may be dangerous but he isn’t stupid. People are simply misinterpreting what he said later in the interview and have twisted it to back up their hate and fear I reckon.

    Now assault weapons are a totally different story as far as Obama is concerned … he wants those banned across the board and doesn’t try to hide it.

  13. BearArms:

    I’m not quite understanding this. If Congress passes a ban on passing a certain type of law, all they have to do is make another that repeals the ban.

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