A Whole Lot of Stupid

Tam has a promotional video up from ADE training academy that has to be seen to be believed. Go watch, and be horrified. I’m wondering who these outfits are marketing to. Is the market for training of counterstrike kiddies turned gun owner growing faster than the common wisdom of the shooting community can reach them? Tam notes:

It is only a matter of time until some chiropodist at a weekend SWAT fantasy camp gets his kidneys blown out his navel by the Bushhamster of the stranger behind him in the stack preparing to practice breaching and clearing, and somebody like 20/20 or 60 Minutes is going to have a frickin’ field day with it.

Scary thought. Papa Delta Brave has more.

2 thoughts on “A Whole Lot of Stupid”

  1. The best part is the end of the video, when they tell you they’re a shoe company. I was surprised there wasn’t a disclaimer on the video or a scene of all the injuries that should have occurred with how they were flagging each other.

  2. Who are they marketing to? In a word, Hollywood.

    Another one of their promo videos out there feature Bill “I’m a bad ass operator” Beasley coaching reality star Heidi Montag at the shooting range.

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