Becoming Mainstream

USA Today has an article on gay candidates winning mainstream acceptance among the voting public, including an Arizona Democratic State Senator considering running for Congress:

And the fact that she’s openly bisexual?

“Arizona doesn’t really care,” the 35-year-old lawyer says, dismissing the issue as irrelevant. “They just want to have low property taxes and no gun control.”

Low taxes and no gun control pretty much accurately describes me, so more power to her. She’s good looking too. If we have bisexual Arizona State Senators running on a guns and money platform, gays aren’t the only political constituency becoming mainstream. This is a victory for our issue too.

UPDATE: I’m told she’s actually a raging lefty, and anti-gun, by people in Arizona who would know better. It’s a shame, but if she wants to convert and bat for the other team, I’d love to have her on our side. As far as your sexual preference, you can be a switch hitter all you want as far as I’m concerned, but on gun rights, we tend to like our politicians to bat from the right side of the plate only.

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  1. Don’t even get me started on Ms. Sinema, and do not let this article fool you. She’s extremely immature, a mouthpiece for the DNC and a stereotypical liberal. If you want to know the left’s talking points for the day, just check her Twitter feed (if you can stomach it).

    She is right, we don’t care about her sexuality. What we do care about is her record, which is anti-gun and pro-taxes. On July 1st, she was on a local television show advocating for an assault weapons ban.

  2. Mz VRWC beat me to it. Kristen is probably the most vocal lefty here in the state… in Lock step with Rep “boycott Arizona” Grijalva.

    She’d take your guns as sure as Ms. Feinstein “If there were 51 votes in the Senate”.

    I don’t give a whit about her sexual orientation. My concerns are for her anti liberty and pro open borders sentiments.

    No Sale.

  3. Sinema is a clever person. Add that cleverness to a willing media and you have a big problem in the brewing. The little birds here in Arizona are all a-twitter about which congressional district she will run for in 2012.

    Keep your eyes on this one folks. I’ll nominate her as Giffords version 2.

  4. It won’t be long till the gov’t assigns you a sexual preference and a sexual partner.

  5. I suspect it would be difficult (not impossible) to find a true Second Amendment supporter with a D after their name regardless of their moral preferences. One would think with the potential threats of persecution the “switch hitters” face, personal defense and armament would be a priority right. In these violent and polarized times, it should be for all of us.

  6. Arnie,

    Do you want a list of “true Second Amendment supporters with a “D” after their name”?

    Cause it’ll be pretty long.

  7. Pa’s own Jason Altmire comes to mind as does Tim Holden. Both D’s and both strong 2A supporters.

  8. What Mz VRWC and Danno said – I don’t want that woman anywhere near a Congressional seat. Ever.

  9. The enlightened plus here is that you don’t want her in office, but for political reasons alone, not her private life.

    That’s the America I want to live in.

  10. Matthew and David,
    Thank you for the encouraging info. The last two pro-gun Democrats I noticed in the news were Kristen Gillibrand and abby Giffords – neither of which I feel are reliably pro-gun any longer (no insult to Mrs. Giffords’ suffering intended). My own ostensibly pro-gun Ben Nelson has already proved he will sacrifice any principle in deference to Democratic leadership. I guess my suspicion is based on the history of too many “A-rated pro-gun” Democrats voting A+ on constitutional issues when the vote isn’t close, but then caving when the vote is close and the pressure is on. Senator J. James Exxon on Clinton’s AWB comes to mind; Gillibrand of course. And I am convinced Nelson and ultimately even Reid would if they were the deciding vote. But I am not familiar with the two you mentioned and accept your judgment that they would not cave if the Pelosis and Schumers leaned on them hard.
    Thank you, truly, for the encouraging report.

  11. “The enlightened plus here is that you don’t want her in office, but for political reasons alone, not her private life.”

    I completely agree: as a moral goody-two-shoes, I would call for her to repent, and abstain from having sex with anyone but her husband, if she marries–and I would be sad if she never did so. But for political office, it’s her political life that matters! (Well, if she can be blackmailed, her personal life can matter, but if she’s open about her vices, I can’t see how she could be blackmailed.)

    On a completely related note, I share my faith with Mitt Romney, but I WILL NOT vote for him in the Primaries, even if my favorite candidate drops out before the Primaries reach my state. He simply isn’t a solid conservative, and I don’t trust him. I’ll only vote for him–holding my nose, of course–if he’s the nominee for the Republican Party against Obama. Even then, I’m not so sure, though. I’m sick and tired of voting for the “lesser of two evils”.

    Even so, I’m sure that Mitt’s a swell guy. Perhaps someday I’ll even have the privilege of meeting him! :-)

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