About that Football Game…

I think the best commentary was this:

You know who won the Super Bowl? Arianna Huffington.

AOL bought HuffPo for $315 million last night. Based on the claims in their press release, they have about 25 million unique visitors a month. Let’s consider just how much that really is. Scaling down based on traffic, AOL could pay well over $600K for this blog. When I did the math and shared that news with Sebastian, he said he would sell. For anything over half a million, I guess we could be blog neighbors with Paul Helmke.

7 thoughts on “About that Football Game…”

  1. You have to adjust the value for how much ad viewers will follow the herd and do what they’re told. That’s a lot higher for HuffPo than this blog.

  2. I’d be ok with AOL ads on this blog (actually, any ads without band-with sucking flash video would be fine).

    If signing up with AOL were a requirement to read this blog, I’d have to bail.

  3. Without getting into the herd thesis I think it’s obvious that they’re also buying a community. I strongly suspect that the value of communities can increase in a non-linear fashion with their size due to network effects, e.g. see Metcalfe’s law.

  4. You couldn’t have asked for a better match. An original technology company who’s user’s email address has long been synonymous for idiot, buying a company who’s…, well, you figure it out…

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