Short Bus to Prison

This guy isn’t the sharpest tack in the box:

“He is alleged to have said during one encounter with a confidential informant,” Hogsett said, “that he did not believe in paperwork – federally required reporting – he did not believe in paperwork because that would be, quote, ‘telling the government where you got your gun.’”

A charging affidavit also alleges Mullendore sold seven guns to federal informants, including one unregistered Cobray nine-millimeter machine gun.

I just kind of wonder, if you’re going to peddle guns on the black market, ignore the paperwork requirements, and fail to do the background checks, why bother with the FFL? It’s kind of like, if you were a gang of armed robbers, walking into the police station and asking for all the proper business permits for your hideout.

10 thoughts on “Short Bus to Prison”

  1. It’s the right to keep and bear arms, except when it’s not. The government has too many tyranny loopholes where they take away what is supposed to be a right and turn it into a crime. No one should be fined or go to prison merely for exercising the right to keep and bear arms. We need to close these government loopholes.

  2. In your analogy, crooks can handle the cops, but nobody sane wants to get sideways with the zoning board. =)

  3. See, location is everything! If this guy had opened his shop up in Arizona… rather than running an undercover investigation and shutting him down… the BATF would have been assisting him in illegally selling his guns…


    Dann in Ohio

  4. Maybe Mullendore should use the Obama regime ATF “Fast and Furious” as the basis of his legal defense. If nobody’s getting prosecuted for that blatant and huge gun scheme that involved over 2000 guns, then why should he prosecuted for just these 7?

  5. Actually, I know why he needed an FFL.

    FFL allows you to have guns shipped to you from the manufacturer across state lines, right?

    This would let you come into physical possession of the guns before you can re-sell them to other criminals at retail… if that makes any kind of sense.

    It’s still STUPID but I can see the WHY.

  6. “I wonder what God is telling him now?”

    Nowadays, he may be spending less time listening to God and more time listening to his lawyer.
    His mistake was selling to American citizens. ATF doesn’t believe in paperwork either, but only for Mexican criminals. It’s cash and carry for the Reconquista! Too bad about hundreds of people getting killed – that’s just part of the price of making America into a Marxist paradise, isn’t it, President Obama?

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